January 6, 2015

How to Throw an Amazing Cabin Bachelorette Party

You guys, I can't think of a better way of celebrating a bachelorette party than snowed in at a beautiful log cabin in Idaho. No really. It was perfect.

It was just 5 of us girls, TONS of food, LOTS of alcohol and more laughs than we could count. Add in me almost catching the place on fire with my "fire master" skills and you have yourself an epic weekend.

Here is how to throw an amazing cabin bachelorette:

Step 1 | Have an awesome friend who thinks of the idea and get's everyone on board with it being a surprise.

Step 2 | Let that awesome friend ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF with cute party favors, signs, penis cake and boobies all ready to go when you arrive at said cabin.

Step 3 |  Enjoy the bride being blown away.

Step 4 | Play the bra game (everyone buys the bride a bra and she has to guess who bought what, or drink with every wrong guess) and have the best bra, which the bride could not guess whatsoever.

I got her the Wine Rack that you can fill with booze and wear to events!

Step 5 | Drink beer. Lot's of beer.

Step 6 | Eat tacos, guac, breakfast tatertot casserole, cheesy puffs, potato chips, crack bread, penis cake, penis smore's bars, cowboy caviar, pizza and more penis shaped treats.

This is my famous crack bread, not to be confused with my crack dip.

Step 7 | Enjoy the beauty of this place with some of your favorite people.

Step 8 | Eat even more food.

Step 9 | Don't get snowed in, and thank your lucky stars the plow man came the morning you needed to leave.

And for sure have one of these for the bride-to-be's beer:

Have I horrified you with all the dicks? Sorry - it was a bachelorette!
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  1. That looks awesome and so pretty! For my bachelorette party my friends did the bra game too but with underwear lol. It was much harder than I thought!

  2. Haha!! How fun. Bachelorette parties are the BEST.

  3. hahaha that is my kind of party! Most of my friends won't let me go penis happy with their parties and it makes me die a little each time I have to plan one without weiners. Also, where did you guys stay?! It is gorgeous and I have been trying to plan a get away for me and the hubs exactly like that!

  4. Love this post! Looks like so much fun!

  5. Looks like such a blast! I considered doing a cabin weekend for mine, too! So jealous!

  6. That is such a great idea! I wish we had nice cabins around here for my SIL's stagette that I have to plan. And I NEED one of those wine racks for football games! HA

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