January 16, 2015

My Happy Thoughts | Oh Hey Friday

It's been a pretty good week and what better way to review than listing the happy thoughts from the week for Oh Hey Friday with the amazing mama Karli?!

1 || First I should probably mention I took today off. Just jetted out of town. Three day weekend? Naw, I'll take four and have Friday through Monday off please!  So I used some saved up comp time to take today off and then I get MLK Day (well Human Rights Day here in Idaho) off too! So I'm headed up north and I get to not only see one of my good friends up at Gonzaga, but also one of my besties on the way up and my little sister on the way down. Three birds. One stone. Bada-bing. 

2 || Probably the BEST and happiest part of my week was a little surprise provided by the BF. Wednesday afternoon he Facebooked me the URL www.lifewithlolo.com and to my gleeful realization it linked right to the blog. He bought me my own domain! And he set up an email and got the blog all linked up to it perfectly. It doesn't seem like much at a $12 purchase, but to me it was a huge gesture of support for me and my little space. Got to love having a man in IT.

3 || It's been a really good bloggy friend week. Well month really. I finally feel like I have "friends" in the blog world. For a long time I'd read blogs that talked about the connections and friends being the best part of blogging, and I longed for some of my own. Now not only do I have the regulars, but I also am adding to the party! I was really excited to meet Kristin and link up with her this week for Thirsty Thursday. Plus I just love following along with Amy on her Whole30 journey and hearing all about Kasey's big Eurotrip and many, many more of you who I get to connect with everyday! If I could do a shout out to all of you I would! (ooooh good post idea eh?)

4 || This sounds a little crazy, but the sun finally came out. There's nothing like the sun to boost my spirits. It's been WEEKS since we've seen the sun here. And it made an appearance this week. Which I'm very happy about.

The sunrise this morning as I was getting to work. Don't mind the fancy location - haha.

5 || A good Monday resulted in a great start to the short week. Monday night was just one of those nights that was all around good. I played with my pup. Then had one of the best co-ed volleyball games I can remember playing in, and killed it! And lastly I went through the carwash on my way home and have a nice clean, sexy, new car which makes driving to work every day so much more bearable. This good Monday has shown me I need to make the most of my Monday's so I can flourish the rest of the week!

What's making you a giddy girl this week? Happy long weekend friends!

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  1. Boyfriend of the year! How sweet! Hope you have a great 4 day weekend, love bug!

  2. Yay for short weeks.

    How sweet of your boyfriend!

    The sun finally came out here, too. It's been needed!

  3. that's so sweet of your boyfriend! ALSO THAT'S ME! YOU PICKED ME! :D

    also. I haven't seen the sun SINCE Europe, so today when I walked out of my apartment + saw that it was out, I accidentally looked right at it + proceeded to walk right into a door because I was temporarily blinded...

  4. I so wish I could have taken today off but the days before or after a holiday/vacation are "blackout days" at my school district... apparently they don't want all the teachers and staff leaving the kids alone...

  5. Aww nice to meet you too!! And so glad you hosted with me yesterday!!! Happy Friday!!

  6. Thanks for the love!!! Bloggy friends are so cool aren't they? Glad you are getting your groove back. What a nice bf you have to hook you up with the domain! I remember how excited I was when I finally took that plunge. Just makes you feel more legit! Have a great long weekend!

  7. Boyfriend of the year right there! My brother bought my domain last year for Christmas - it was such a nice gift since it was something I probably wouldn't have done for myself

    Think of me while you're enjoying your long weekend and I'm stuck working :( (I'm not bitter at all... hahaha)