January 21, 2015

#hashtaghumpday | short and sweet

So it's #HASHTAGHUMPDAY again!!!! AAAANDDD it's not the best because my laptop died and I couldn't find the cord. So I give you...the phone written post #donthate #lookimearly #oops

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#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

 First a little business. Here’s the scoop:
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|| So I left on my little weekend road trip in the middle of a winter storm warning. I wouldn't recommend it #ialmostdied #scaryassroads #fog. Oh and to prove my point there was an 84 car pile up on that stretch less than 24 hours after I drove it. Did you see that picture that's trending of the guy pinned between two semis? Yeah that stretch of road #dontworryhesok

Souce: USA Today

|| All I did this weekend was eat and eat and drink some more with my girlfriends  #allthecheesesauce #pizzaandbeer #burgersandfries

|| The weekend also included almost 3 seasons of "friends" on Netflix #idroveallthewayforthat #howyoudoin? #PIVOT!

|| And I'm struggling to think of more stuff, and since I'm doing this on my phone, well, I'm gonna call it on account of circumstances #notafanofadversity

I will add links and photos I promise!!  And more in general... ok maybe not that much...



  1. Perfect day for me to join you for some randomness! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Where have I been?! I didn't see that picture at all! Glad you're safe!!

  3. That burger? Give it to me right now. #Yum

  4. Whoa - that photo is CRAZY!!!! Omg talk about lucky to be alive.. That's so freakin' scary I can't even fathom the bodily damage he endured. Haha almost all my weekends involve eating good food and drinking. :) Not a bad thing at all! Have a great one LoLo and credit for composing this post via your phone! -Iva

  5. Glad you are safe!!! Yes to cheese EVERYTHING!

  6. Sorry i didn't participate this week!! I'm on for next week, I promise!! And holy shizzznits wtf with that dude? I would have probably had to change my pants. And um....GET IN MY BELLAY to that delicious looking burger.MMmmmmmmmm. #mouthwatering