February 19, 2015

Basic White Girl Margarita | Thursty Thursday

Sometimes you just want a margarita dammit.

And then you think to yourself, I'm 25 26,  if I want one there's nothing stopping me.

STEP ONE | Decide you want a margarita (easy peasy)

STEP TWO | With wet hair and no make up, put on your yoga pants and a sweatshirt and head to your nearest liquor store (or grocery store if you live in one of those cool states)

STEP THREE | Take entirely too long combing the shelves deciding what you want to buy

STEP FOUR | Purchase cheap tequila and some no sugar added margarita mix

STEP FIVE | Arrive home and select the largest capacity drinking cup you have (mason jars are preferable). Salt the rim, and add ice

STEP SIX | Measure out 3 shots of tequila, add to jar, top with mix till full

STEP SEVEN | Add a pink straw, because your basic


Linking up with Kristin for Thursty Thursday!

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  1. Margarita for the win.

    Also... if going out in yoga pants is wrong, I don't want to be right.

  2. Can I still be a basic white girl if I wear leggings (as pants, duh) and knock off uggs? Just gotta make sure :)

  3. I have been craving one for weeeeeks! I cant wait until the a baby comes out so I can have one!!!!

  4. This sounds like something that I need you this evening! And possibly tomorrow as well!

  5. Add a pink straw because you're basic - lol!!! Basically...

    Although, if I have a margarita they have to be flavored. I dont like the regular ones :)

  6. I haven't had a margarita in sooo long (too long!) - this has my mouth watering. This weekend might be time to pull out my Margaritaville blender!

  7. I literally laughed out loud reading this. I love it. I went out on Sunday for National Margarita Day, but I had to wear makeup and real pants. This would have been much easier.