February 18, 2015


Yipeee! Humpday comes so quickly when you have a three day weekend!

Time to link up with yours truly and/or my gal pal Lauren for some #hashtaghumpday #confessions!

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

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Ok, this week I'm going to fill you in on some of reasons that I sometimes consider myself "crazy." I mean we all have those moments right? 

First off, I don't care whether it's Coke or Pepsi. Diet soda is diet soda. I'm ambidextro(soda)ous and I don't care #caffeine #itsallgood #getinmybelly

Second, I talk to my dog as much or more than anyone else in a day and I'm 99% sure he understands every word #hesmybestfriend #nottalkingtomyself

Third, I whole heartedly believe my car is 100 x sexier when it's clean and a car was does not count as breaking the rules of my spending freeze because I NEED a sexy car #shallowmuch #sexyredcar #ihaveissues

Fourth, I consider Trivia Crack educational and therefore not a time waster #ilearnedreelgood #theresanappforthat

Fifth, I have to have a plan, and if I deviate from the plan I get very irritated. I need to know what time I'll be leaving work, what my plan is for the dog park, dinner and household activities by noon or I have a panic attack the rest of the afternoon #typeA #planner

Sixth, that planner in me also likes a schedule in the morning and if it's thrown off my whole day is off. That schedule includes brushing my teeth in the shower and wearing sweat pants around my house in between pajamas and my work clothes and BOTH must happen in the morning for me to function #weirdo #imakesweatpantslooksexy 

Do you have any habits that make you sort of crazy? Spill and link up!


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  1. You and I should be best of friends bc no joke, I agree 110% with you on everything!!!!!!!!

  2. Yep I'm right there with you on each one!!!!! Especially the planning...I must have a plan!

  3. I have all kinds of crazy habits. I talk to my dog a lot. I talk to myself a lot too. I have to talk things out, out loud to see if they will work or not!

  4. I ALWAYS NEED A PLAN. but I am a Coca Cola product loyalist through + through. it's the Atlanta in me. #ATLShawty

  5. I like diet coke and diet pepsi too! I try to avoid both most of the time and just get water but sometimes you just need one! I also like to have a game plan most days unless it is the weekend and the plan is to stay home. Oh and I always talk to my dogs like they are human and understand me, is that not normal?

  6. I talk to dogs all the time and even have conversations as their voices would be in my mind. It's totally normal.

  7. My car is mad dirty with all the snow, once this passes it needs a deep clean! I'm definitely crazy; I'm intimidating and people walk on egg shells around me. Not sure why but that's what I'm told - I don't like people and it's probably detectable. LoL. Enjoy being crazy, it's mad fun! Have a great one Laura! -Iva

  8. I washed my car the other day and I physically and mentally feel better. It's awesome what a good car wash will do for ya!

    And yes, I have to have a plan, too! It's kinda bad. I'm usually okay just knowing "This is what's happening today and this is when my day has to start to do it all" but sometimes I do need to break it down hour by hour.