February 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

I feel like I've really lacked creativity in this space lately. Sorry. But it's Friday and I'm going to once again do the easy cop-out link up, because it's what I do.

The good news is that there might actually be change coming. The BF is suddenly on board for, and seriously pushing, healthy eating for both of us. This could lead to some good clean blogging fun (recipes, meal prep, and more!). Stay tuned for that.

But first get excited for a hopefully epic weekend recap after our cabin trip this weekend.

In the mean time, enjoy my Friday favorites!

I'm kind of digging My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Have you seen it? I think I just love Whitney in general. And Babs. Her Mom is freaking hilarious. I know I can't truely relate on a weight level, but I have to say this is the most relate-able "reality" TV show I've ever watched. She's real and I like it.

I took the leap and signed up for Le Tote at the end of last year. It's pretty freaking awesome - UNLIMITED clothes and jewelry rentals every month! It is my first subscription box and I'm pretty happy with it. The $50 price tag scared me a little, but considering I could have 3-4 boxes a month if I wanted that seems like a really good price.

So far my one issue is sizing. A lot of pieces come in and don't fit my bigger frame and chest. However, each box has had at least one "love it" clothes and jewelry item that I wear non-stop until I return it for a new box.

Do apps count? Trivia Crack. Add me. (Laura Welch, lwelch900) Play with me all day #twss

This Dip is my go-to for all events. My friends call it Crack Dip because it's so addicting. It's actually called skinny poolside dip. I have a secret ingredient though - I add some red onion. It's just the little kick it needs. I serve it with tortilla chips.

It's easy, it's yummy, AND you can use it afterwards! So far with the leftover dip I had from Superbowl (which I almost never have leftovers) I have mixed it with brown rices as a casserole type dish, and rolled it up with leftover taco meat to make yummy taquitos. It's good no matter how you eat it!

My life summed up in an ecard:

Happy Friday lovers! Have a great weekend!


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  1. I loooooove the skinny pool side dip!!!! It makes me miss it! Now that I am with child, I'll have to make it again! I stopped making it last year bc I started whole30 and it legit changed my life, it's paleo. But then, I got pregnant and paleo went out the window.

  2. I am totally into My Big Fat Fabulous Life too! I accidentally stumbled upon it a couple weeks ago and started watching it (it just so happened to be the first episode, which was convenient) and now I'm hooked. Whitney is super likable and real, and Babs is the funniest. Also, I've got to try out that dip! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  3. Yes to that ecard. The love of beer is real. So real.

    I'm on trivia crack, too! I'll try to add you.

  4. Whitney has the best attitude.. I hope her & Buddy end up together :) Her mom TOTALLY cracks me up #southernmomma

  5. I LITERALLY laughed out loud when I saw "play with me all day #twss" lolz for days. also. the eCard -- the struggle is SO real.

  6. Baahahaha to that ecard. EXACTLY!!!! Alcohol is my weakness. That skinny poolside dip has been on my APPy board for like years and I have yet to make it. Is it really skinny?? If so I'm DOIN IT!! And you kick my ass in Trivia Crack, but I love it. lol. Have fun this weekend!!!! Snapchat if you can stand up straight!!

  7. I LOVE Whitney and My Big Fat Fabulous Life! Downside, I forgot to watch this week and apparently it's not onDemand. Stupid. Also, I just downloaded Trivia Crack last night. I'm going to hit you up, but be forewarned. Sometimes I forget I'm playing games and just... don't. Happy Friday, girl!

  8. LOL that ecard is on point! I think that to myself everytime I walk into Victoria's Secret.. I REALLY love pasta and potatoes..Plus alcohol makes me happy so not giving that up, especially considering the health benefits if ingested in moderation. :P Let me know how that Le Tote subscription turns out! Have a great weekend Laura! -Iva

  9. I feel like Trivia Crack is taking over my life.

  10. Trivia Crack just invaded my life over a week ago!

    I guess I will have to play ya now :)

    Happy Friday!

  11. I have never heard of that TV show but perhaps I will check it out - so thanks for sharing. :)

  12. I NEED THAT DIP! It looks sooo good! As soon as I get home today I'm adding you on Trivia Crack - to say I'm addicted is an understatement!

  13. Girl, I can't wait to see some of your recipes that you guys try! We eat super healthy, but I never remember to photograph anything to be able to write about it #horribleblogger