February 9, 2015

Weekend Away

 I'm getting too old for this.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good cabin trip. But I have to say as far as weekend binging trips go, this might be my last.

That could just be the two day hangover hanging around talking though...

Typically this is how my life goes (sorry I've used this one before but it rings too true).

That being said, it was a great weekend with an even greater group of people.

There was lots of food, drinking games, Cards Against Humanity and of course booze.

It was uncommonly warm for up in the mountains. It left the lake thawing out and gave us warm enough temps to sit out on the deck at one of the local bars.
Photo cred: Whitney

I majority of the weekend, however, was spent around the large family style table in my cabin.

Just how I like it. 
Oh and it was pretty much phone free (and picture free) because I was enjoying the moment rather than capturing it, so sorry for the lack of those.

Happy Monday folks. Let's make this week great.
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  1. What a gorgeous location to have your cabin weekend in! I do wonder if you'll change your mind, I know I always say things like "I'm never doing that again!" But then time goes on and I forget I said that and I somehow almost always get talked into doing it again. Endless cycle.

  2. So pretty! I just got back from snowboarding trip with a bunch of friends and we definitely boozed all weekend too. My body hates me.

  3. Sounds like a fabulous weekend. With those ingredients, you can't really go wrong.

  4. That picture is stunning! And yes I constantly feel like I'm getting to old for drinking like that too but then it always seems to happen again haha

  5. More moments need to be enjoyed rather then worrying about being captured :)

  6. It sounds like an awesome weekend to me....though my weakness isn't beer....I would have been in the wine....or rum if there was rum....I am the reason the rum is always gone!

  7. Don't ever apologize for a lack of pictures for the blog. You were busy enjoying life!!! looks awesome!