February 4, 2015

#HASHTAGHUMPDAY | Single Girl Style

"All the single ladies, all the single ladies...."

It's #Hashtaghumpday y'all so let's celebrate!

Ok, not really single, the BF is just out of town for the week. Thus I'm flying solo for the week 
"single lady" style. Good thing I have my gal pal Lauren @ Genuinely Lauren to keep me company and co-host this humptastic link up with me! Go give her some love!

AAAANNDD with that you get my "single lady" confess sesh this week for #hashtaghumpday.
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

 First a little business. Here’s the scoop:
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Alright then, here goes...

So miraculously my visit from Aunt Flo lands this week while my man is gone, which is pretty perfect because then it doesn't interfere with any extracurricular activities if you know what I mean... #hinthint. Usually she likes to visit at the worst possible times ever - right after we're apart for a long time, over birthdays or holidays etc - so this is a nice change of pace. Still on this note #PMSisabitch #givemeallthechocolate

I am really really trying to save some money these days. But it's hard. SO SO HARD #thatswhatshesaid #twss. Especially as a blogger. Do any of you guys feel like that? As if normal life wasn't hard enough, throw in blogging life and all the lipstick recommendations, recipes, fun planners, box subscriptions, travel, fashion posts...I could go on and on.... and I want to buy it all and try it all #gimmeit #prettybloggerstuff  #IWANTITNOW

Does anyone else kind of count Mondays and Fridays as part of the weekend and have a really hard time doing anything productive while at work? As if I don't have enough excuses... I should probably just take both those days off each week because it's not really worth coming to work #motivationissues #Ineed4dayweekends #donttellmyboss

On the other hand, while work may not have been that productive, Monday night definitely was. I took the dog to the dog park, did two loads of laundry, went to the gym, cleaned the entire kitchen, cooked dinner, showered and was in bed by 9:30 #boom #beastmode #sorrytoosoonforthat?

Why the hell is dry cleaning so expensive? This is exactly why I don't own nice things. Because it costs a fortune to clean them #andbecauseImtoocheaptobuythem

I'm skipping school work again on Friday for the above reason and because we're headed to McCall for Winter Carnival this weekend with a bunch of friends. Really it's just an excuse to all get drunk together in a cabin. We rarely ever actually take part in any of the carnival events. Maybe this year will be the year... But I'm starting to get anxiety because this little annual trip has gotten bigger and bigger every year and this time someone is bringing and amp. Yeah, like going to blow the cabin off the roof with music type of amp... since it's technically my Aunt's cabin and not mine I start to worry we might get complaints from the neighbors....Or that one of my friends might get too drunk and break or puke on something... Or that I, myself, might get too destroyed and not be able to babysit the rest of the group. Last year we had spaghetti puked in the sink, someone had to get stitches, and someone had to get carried out of the bar. This year will only be crazier #lordhelpme #sendpositivevibes #andahangovercure

And that's what I'm working with this week. Be sure to link up and #hashtag that shiz!

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  1. I used to be the worst about Fridays at work....I basically just wandered from office to office talking to people until it was time to go home! Yes budgeting/saving$ sucks.....I want to buy so many cute things!!! But We just got the hubby a new car and a new car comes with a new payment and ...ugh yeah #thestruggleisreal

  2. I am with you on blogging making life seem even more expensive! I've been trying to save money, but now with blogging it seems the money I was saving is going to that.

  3. All the single ladies!!!! Whoop Whoop!! You've been way more productive than me. lol. Sounds like your weekend is going to be a blast!!! I wanna party!

  4. I took a blanket to be dry cleaned... it cost more then the stupid blanket even COST!!!

  5. I request a post telling the tales of LAST year's cabin trip. It sounds pretty epic!

  6. Seriously beast mode for your monday! I'm usually in bed by that time with less than half that productivity.

  7. Woo for a free week! Looks like you and Kristen both have the been away while you ladies can play, lol. If we lived by each other, like I hoped we did, We would party hardy :)

  8. Hey, Laura! Familiar with the Liebster Award? Well, I just nominated you for it! I love your blog and your nomination was a no-brainer. Cheers, girl! Congratulations!


  9. Trying to stick to a budget is SO HARD as a blogger! I want all.the.things that everybody posts, and then sponsoring other bloggers doesn't help with saving money!

    I'm supposed to get every other Friday off work but because we've been short staffed I haven't been able to take them. Starting in March I will get every Friday off since I'm owed soooo many days - I can't wait!

  10. Hey Laura! I saw your link on the Jeans and a T Shirt Liebster post so thought Id check you out. Love this post and all the #hashtags and I totally agree with like everything you said. Especially wanting to buy so much being a blogger!