February 11, 2015


Hey ladies! It's our favorite day of the week again. Time to link up with me and the amazing Lauren @ Genuinely Lauren for some #hashtagtastic confessions.

This week, in honor of Valentine's Day on Saturday, I thought I'd talk all about things I love - but am typically too embarrassed to admit.
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

 First a little business. Here’s the scoop:
  • Each Wednesday create a post about what’s going on in your life and #hashtag each item or story. See an example HERE. Be as creative as you want! 
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  •  Link up so we can all #creep on you and find out what’s new/funny/awesome /shitty in your life.
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Alright, time to share the love.

|| I LOVE straws. Drinking from straws. Putting them in everything. Sucking on them #twss #thatswhatshesaid. I don't like to have a beverage (other than beer which will foam up, I've tried) without a straw. I've heard sucking on a straw can give you more wrinkles #sowhat #Iliketosuck

|| I LOVE wedding shows. Ok, I know this is nothing new but they are just my jam. I cannot get enough Say Yes to the Dress, I Found a Gown, David Tutera, you name it. If it involves weddings, I'm sold #notevenengaged

|| I LOVE online shopping. It makes this budget/spending freeze so dang hard. Even though I took my credit cards out of my purse, websites still remember them...so it's not cheating right? #shopaholic #alltheshoes #I needhelp

|| I LOVE holding hands with my dog while we sleep. Too creepy? Sorry but when he's there next to me, and the paw is close, I hold it. End of story. And it's precious #myprecious #crazydogmom

|| I LOVE showering in semi-darkness. It's just much more relaxing #andsexy

|| I LOVE my new FitBit flex even though I can't wear it while I play volleyball so I have to stuff it in my sports bra. It still works and counts all the steps, but shoving it in there before the game is a little awkward #supersweaty #dontlook #havetocountdemsteps

What are you confessing/loving this week? Join in, link up and #hashtagit


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  1. I love straws too!!! But you are right, beer is not really conducive to the straw drinking obsession. I didn't do the link up right today. Didn't to the hashtag thing. Such a noob. I will do better next week!

  2. OK... that's so funny. I talked about holding my dog's paw last night. I don't feel so weird about it now :)

  3. My pup doesn't even let me hold her paw! And I love drinking with straws too.

  4. girl I drink my beer through a straw all the time. I get ALL the judgy faces + I couldn't care less #hiiihaterzzzzz

  5. SYTTD is mandatory in my life. MANDATORY! I need to get back to bridal...

  6. Did I write this post?! Everything you said is SO me. Especially the straws. I can't drink anything without a straw. Beer too. Not sorry!

  7. I just watched this wedding show last night where the guy planned the wedding in a week only to ask her to marry him and then have it happen the same day. Surprise! I would've not been a happy camper. I have watched FAR too many wedding shows to have my husband steal my glory.

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