February 12, 2015

Body Love

This week I had a life changing moment. I looked in the mirror in just my pajamas (a tank and underwear) and told myself "I love my body."

And I meant it. Probably for the first time in my entire life.

I know I talked briefly about My Big Fat Fabulous Life in another post, but after watching the final episodes and the "Skinny" after season interview I felt really changed. I can't really voice what it is exactly, but I feel inspired. Inspired to love myself and my body.

Whitney brought me to that.

I know it seems ridiculous to say a show changed your life, and maybe it didn't. But it sure as hell changed my perspective. Whitney loves her body. LOVES IT. All 380 lbs of it. Her whole mantra of "take it, leave it, love it, whatever," just makes sense. There's no reason not to love your body just the way it is. It has never been, and should never be, about what other people think of you. If you love yourself, others will too.

I've never been secure in my body. Even as an athlete, in the peak of my high school career, I struggled with body image and even skimmed the border of an eating disorder. I could never look at myself and think "I love my body."

To be able to do it today, much heavier and lumpier, makes a statement. Am I saying I'm perfect the way I am? Absolutely not. There are a lot of improvements to make and goals that I would still like to achieve physically.

But how much easier is it to work towards something you already love? Fighting something you hate is not going to make a change. But working on a body I already love and making it better actually makes sense. It's an epiphany I've needed for a long time.

I think most women out there would admit that they dislike their body in someway. That they feel uncomfortable in their own skin due to some of the stereotypical "beauty standards" that our society places on women that they may or may not fall into. 

I challenge every one of them to look in the mirror and change that. Love your body for all that it is, in whatever condition it is, for what it is. It is the vehicle that carries your soul. So you better love it.

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Sending some body love your way,
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  1. I so am in awe of Whitney's attitude of her body... to have that confidence!!! Love it. I love it inspired you. I'm working on it myself

  2. So beautiful! I've even put on a few winter/marriage pounds and I've never felt more comfortable in my body than before :)

  3. Love you girl!
    I hope to get to that place.
    You are awesome.

  4. oh I love this! I hope more women can start to see themselves that way!

  5. Get it, girl! I have to admit, I tell G he has a beautiful wife all the time. He always laughs, but I know it makes him feel good to know I love myself (because he def benefits from that). It also makes me feel good to say it out loud. Every needs to feel awesome in their skin, even if they have goals they're working towards.

  6. I love this post! I struggle all the time with my body image of myself. I hate that I do it, but sometimes I just cant get out of my own head. You are right, we should love our bodies right now and not care how others few us. A great reminder today! Everyone deserves to feel awesome in their own skin.

  7. Congratulations! Loving yourself is a HUGE accomplishment! To say it's something I struggle with is cliched. Everyone struggles. And that's what makes your moment so truly powerful. Seriously, congratulations, girl - get it!

  8. This is perfection! Such a real struggle in our day and for no reason. We are all great in all our different ways!

  9. I love Whitney too. I struggle with the health issues that are inevitable though with carrying extra weight. Being over 40 I can tell you it does catch up to you. Having said that I think loving the body you are in is a great starting point. But 380 lbs is not a good place to be anyway you try to spin it. I haven't figured out what her point really is though. Does she really want to lose the weight? I missed The Skinny... need to try and catch up on that!

  10. Oooh girl, preach! I love the power in this post. I was never a fan of my body, but it makes perfect sense what you're saying that you want to work to improve something you love instead of struggle against something you hate. Thank you for sharing :)

  11. So powerful, sweet girl! I love that you took inspiration from something like that show, too! I'm always impressed with people like that girl--she's go the right attitude for sure!