February 17, 2015

Long Weekending with a Case of the Baskets

Hello lovelies.
I had the most amazing holiday & three day weekend.
I feel like I did so, so much, in a very short amount of time, but I wouldn't change any of it. Brace yourself for a very long, photo clad re-cap!

I had a very jam-packed Valentine's Day. That morning I headed to my parents' house for breakfast and exchanging cards and gifts. Then my mom and I headed out to Edward's Greenhouse for basket making. 

Valentine's flower basket
This is my basket, completed. I did it all by myself [pat on back].

I had done planting before with my mom, but not baskets. Baskets early in the year aren't actually planted. You just pick all your plants, arrange them in their containers in your basket, and then cover everything with moss. Plus you can add sticks and decorations for interest. Then, once the weather warms up you can transplant your materials to a pot or even your yard.

spring tulips

colorful primroses
Does anyone else love spring flowers as much as me? You should probably visit your local greenhouse too!

I couldn't have picked a better person to go with. My mom is the guru of flowers and gardening. We struck up conversation with a fellow basket maker and my mom answered a question she had. Then that lady, along with everyone else around started coming to my mom with questions instead of the greenhouse employees. She handled it like a boss.

Edward's Greenhouse basket building

Edward's Greenhouse floral baskets

Hopefully someday I'm as knowledgeable and have as green a thumb as she does. Fingers crossed.

Edward's Greenhouse Valentine's Basket Building

I headed home and the BF and I set out on the next mission of the day, finding him a suit. Honestly I had prepped myself for failure, because when you are built like a body builder it is very, very hard just to find regular clothing that fits - let alone a suit.

However, the wonderful people at Mens Warehouse made it happen. It may have been the only suit in the whole place that fit, and there may have been a hell of a lot of tailoring, but my guy will have a great suit by Wednesday night. It will be just in time for his interview Thursday. We also got shirts and ties to go with since they were buy one get one free!

Next was our Valentine's celebration - our own personal brew-tour. We started and Boise Brewing and we're thrilled to run into a group of friends that had had the same idea!

Boise Brewing

Next it was on to Cloud 9, Woodland Empire and then we finished our night at Payette Brewing, complete with food-truck food for dinner. (Tiki Terriaki). Some girls may have complained to eat their Valentine's dinner out of a styrofoam to-go container. Me? Naw, I'm at a brewery, next to my guy, and I'll eat just about anything.

Payette Brewing, Boise

Sunday was a low key day, with a little time at the park, a deep clean of the house and dinner at my parents. Luckily I also had Monday off!

That morning I again met up with my folks to hike up a local lookout, Tablerock. It was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining and we had our pups in tow.


Even though we only made it about 3/4 of the way up, I look forward to getting them all the way to the top some day.

After the hike we enjoyed a little hot tub dip and then I took myself out for lunch at one of my favorite little spots.

I mean, you can't take on grocery shopping without some beer in your belly right?

Edge Brewing

How was your weekend? Don't forget to link up tomorrow for  #HashtagHumpDay with Lauren!

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  1. Your weekend sounds fabulous!!! A brewery tour and food truck dinner sounds right up my alley! And I agree, grocery shopping is better with beer!

    I love your flower baskets!!! I really REALLY want to focus on my green thumb this year. I have no experience in planting anything right now but I hope to change that. I have been researching and starting my planning.

  2. That looks like such a fun weekend! My mom would totally to the same thing and then be hired by the greenhouse the next week.

    And I'm right there with you with beer, bar food, and le boyfriend. Sounds like a perfect time. And I love your heart sweater :)

  3. Great job on the flower baskets. I suck at those types of things.

  4. Your basket looks so pretty!! That's definitely interesting though - I never knew that you can keep it in a basket up until you actually plant in the ground. Looks like a fun and full weekend!

  5. What a lovely weekend you had! This basket making thing is intriguing me...please tell me more. I love love love flowers! I'm guessing you're on the west with "spring". I know I am and winter seems so far away haha