March 27, 2015

Marching through Instagram

We are coming to the close of March (and birthday month) and I felt the need to look back on my favorite month of the year. 
March always means the promise of spring. This year was no exception, in fact it was probably the most beautiful March we have had here in a long time.
It was one of those months that seemed to crawl by, but then was over too soon. Does anyone else experience that?
Here are my favorite shots from this month via my Instagram. Feel free to follow along (shameless plug)

From left to right, top to bottom...
  1.  A veggie and fruit-ful salad full of color to kick off spring
  2. The lone tulip that emerged from my round 2 of forcing bulbs
  3. Ted curled up in the bed he barely still fits in
  4. Saturday selfie with new lipstick
  5. Gunner and me in the school yard enjoying some sunshine
  6. Honey Siracha turkey meatballs with zoodles
  7. Green beer on Saint Patrick's Day
  8. Wall licking giraffe from my sister day trip to the zoo
  9. Gorgeous crocuses in my mom's front planters
  10. Two sleepy fur kids
  11. The spring blossoms I just had to bring into the house
  12. My best bud and his immense excitement about 2 balls
Happy Friday Loves! On to birthday weekend for me!
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  1. OMG that giraffe! So cute. You had a good month!

  2. Yay birthday weekend!! Hope it's a great one, love bug! And I love a good Instagram recap, obvi :D

  3. That last one with the two balls is so cute!!!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Those turkey meatballs though... looks sooo delicous. Looks like you had a pretty great march!