April 1, 2015


Happy April Fools' Day folks! Are you fooling around today? #seehwhatIdidthere

I'm not that good of a prankster so I'll just stick to #hashtaghumpday confessions. The usual.

Before we start the dishing, let's go say hello to my ever amazing co-host Lauren. She just got a new PUPPY!!! #superjealous #exceptforpottytraining

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Ok, brace yourself for another really long post like yesterday, I got a lot to #confess

HAHAHA, did I get you?

No long post. I thought about not posting at all, you know, as a joke--but I can't miss my one chance a week to #hashtagtheshitoutofapost

I'll be brief.

The BF doesn't like the smell of coconut. So when he's out of town for work I bust out my coconut lotion and apply it like it's going out of style #givemesummersmells #imighthaveaproblem

Also when he's not home I use the bathroom with the door open, because I can #andthedogkeepsmecompany

This last week I left dirty dishes in the sink for more than 5 or so days because it was #birthdayweekend and you don't clean on your birthday. They stunk real bad when I took care of them last night #imdisgusting #howcanicallmyselfanadult

The BF got me a Kindle Voyage for my birthday and even though I have yet to read anything on it, I'm kind of obsessed. Add me on Goodreads ladies and send me recommendations #shamelessplug #makemeareader #icandothis #canwestartabookclub?

And that's all I got for this humpity-hump day!

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  1. My BF hates the smell of coconut too but I love it. Is there any scent that reminds you more of summer?! And I think birthday weeks should include a weeklong vacation from life!

  2. I'm not a fan of the smell of coconut, I think just because its SOOOO strong and never fades away. My BF got me a Kindle for my bday too, yay for ALL THE READING!! I totally do my business with the door open when BF isn't around. It's so delightful.

  3. I need to find you on GoodReads... I love that site!
    I suck at April Fools Jokes... & fall for every one that someone says to me. I HATE today.

  4. I need to start reading again instead of wasting countless hours on my phone. Maybe Good Reads is the solution, dust off my Nook. I love the Oahu lotion from Bath & Body Works... it's very subtle coconut, I am sure the BF will hate it but you'll like!

  5. My husband actually likes coconut smelling things and will use them himself. I think it just reminds him of the beach :) I totally leave the bathroom door open when I am alone, and I just added you on Goodreads!

  6. I have been toying with the idea of getting an e-reader - - and if I do I am joining goodreads and YES I want to be part of this bookclub.

    My husband like pine, and this burning wood smell - NO OTHER SMELLS. My girls body washes and sprays are wasted on him. MEN!

    1. Get one!! I read so much more with one because it's just so easy and convenient to do it that way.

  7. YES to book club! I have a NookColour and its one of my favourite things EVER! I always leave the bathroom door open when I'm home alone, so I can hear the serial killer come into my house bahaha

  8. How does your boyfriend not like the smell of coconut? I get the taste because yo me too, but THE SMELL?!?? It smells like sunshine and summer in a bottle! So now we know he obviously hates those things ha.

  9. Kati took the words outta my mouth! HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE COCONUT scented things?! I just feel like I'm instantly at the beach somewhere lol!

  10. OMG my boyfriend hates coconut, too. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE MEN!?

    I live alone and totally pee with the bathroom door open and leave dishes in the sink too long, too. #weareadults #priorities

  11. Happy Belated Birthday!
    I'm cheap so I love the library for ebooks! I added you on Goodreads, too.

  12. hahaha i love how you smother yourself with coconut! :) My boyfriend tolerates all smells that radiate out of me and I don't mean that in a gross way. :) It's less than an hour to Friday so I am excited - it's payDay!!!! Have a great weekend LoLo and hope you're doing well -Iva

  13. the first thing I do when I win the lottery will be to hire someone to clean up after me. #lazypants also I think that coconut smells like sunscreen. so I dig it. but I can't eat it. hahahah