March 31, 2015

Birthday Weekend Recap & #4WeeksFit

Post volleyball game, birthday celebration!

It's funny how every year your birthday evolves over time. I remember the days of themed birthday parties so amazingly put together by my mother--like my favorite Wizard of Oz party complete with balloon rainbow, yellow brick road through the whole house and red glittery slipper invitations.

Those were the days.

And yet each year I'm surprised by the love, happiness and joy that comes from that day we all use to count our age.

This year was no exception and I had a beyond wonderful birthday weekend!

We kicked it off with date night Thursday at our favorite spot, since I decided to take Friday off. I thought about taking Monday off (the actual birthday) but that would have just left me at home by myself for the day. At least Friday the BF would be home.

My birthday volcano at Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse

Friday morning I went to boot camp, then had lunch with the BF's parents and spent the afternoon getting a mani-pedi and sipping on a Starbucks. 

That evening I met with two girlfriends for drinks on the patio at one of our usual bars since it was so incredibly nice out. Conversation was great and I ended up seeing a few other friends over the course of the night and getting several happy birthday wishes.

Saturday I took Ted to his one year check up and then we got ready for our afternoon activity, Treefort Music Fest.

I had never been to Treefort, but it is a music festival put on for a week in spring in down town Boise at several locations, bars and outdoor stages. I knew the music was "Indie/Alternative" and I kind of went knowing I might not like the music. The day was just meant to go hang out with great friends, drink a little and enjoy the sunshine.

Never have I underestimated an event so much. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! The music was phenomenal, they had a beer fest (my favorite) called AleFort, and a food truck rally! It was my happy place.

We rocked to three amazing main stage concerts, wandered in and out of AleFort and gorged on all sorts of food truck food. I can't believe I have never been to this event before. I WILL be going next year and I hope its around my birthday!

The BF was extra incredible that day making sure I got everything I wanted at Treefort because "it's your birthday," including beer tokens, T-shirts and lots of dancing and smooches. I'm one lucky girl.

Sunday started with brunch with friends, a long dog walk and some me time before my hot stone massage. I spent the evening with my parents for my birthday dinner and gifts from them. It was the perfect end to the weekend.

It's go big or go home when it comes to birthday burgers at my parents' house!
Technically though, my birthday was Monday, and I got even more love that day. Social media and phones make it a little overwhelming sometimes! Plus I was so, so, overjoyed the special treatment of two of my good friends who made it a point to treat me Monday night with flowers, special beer and a birthday cake specialized for me (with my favorite candy). Sometimes people just know exactly how to make you happy and I am so grateful to have had them that night with the BF being out of town.

Peanut M&M peanut butter chocolate blondies - yes you read right!!! NOM
As you can tell by the birthday recap I hopped ship from #4WeeksFit for the long weekend. I have no regrets. BIRTHDAY TREAT YO' SELF! I plan to get back on the wagon when all my treats are gone this week.

Before the birthday weekend I was doing so well though!

I haven't weighed myself or been stringent on measurements, but I have done the following:
  • Done at least 3 boot camp classes per week, plus 2 other "active" days (that's 100% better than before!)
  • Stayed on track with food choices/MyFitnessPal all but one day a week
  • Drank 100+ ounces of water a day

Just those three things make such a difference. I think I am on the right track and although I can't see a major change, I know I'm going to get there if I keep on trucking! Once I finish my last two weeks of Warrior Fit I will do a more in depth review.

Love, Fun & football

Holy long post... just so much to share today! Thanks to those of you who stuck through it!

Don't forget to link up tomorrow for #hashtaghumpday with me and Lauren!

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  1. First off, I'm so glad your birthday was a freakin' blast!! And duh, treats on/around bdays are a MUST! You did great on your goals though! Staying active and drinking tons of water- get ittt!!!

  2. You’re so right, it is funny how birthdays change! I’m just happy for a little extra happiness and love now too! Great call to take Friday off; all the celebrations look so fun! I’m definitely starving after looking at that burger!

  3. get it girlfriend! I like to peer pressure anyone who will listen into drinking more water.. even though it means you have to pee all the time. it looks like you had an absolute BLAST for your birthday!!

  4. Happy belated birthday!!! Drinking lots of water is so important, yay!!

  5. Sounds like you had an awesome birthday weekend!!! I want to go to our Japanese steakhouse so bad now that you mentioned it, it has been too long. That music fest sounds awesome!!! I love beer and food trucks and great music :) Hope you have a great week!

  6. I'm so glad it sounds like you had a great birthday weekend full of festivities! I've always wondered what Treefort was like but hadn't known anyone who had gone, but it sounds like a blast! I might have to consider that for future possible festivals.

  7. You had a wonderful birthday weekend! I'm glad you got to treat yo'self! I don't think calories count when it's your birthday, either. :) I've been enjoying all the Easter candy and treats; it's so hard when there's delicious food around! Happy late Birthday! Hope 27 is your best year yet!

  8. That music festival looks like it was so much fun! Sounds like all in all you had a great birthday. Bravo for keeping up with the workouts, that is huge and definitely makes a big difference!

  9. Food truck rally?! Sign me up! Calories totally don't count on birthdays, including birthday weekends, so you're all good!

    100+ ounces of water a day?! I wouldn't be able to leave the bathroom I'd be peeing so much!

  10. Happy super belated birthday! That sounds like an incredible weekend and I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed yourself :) That music/beer festival + food truck round up is my kind of day. Can I come next year!?

    You're totally inspiring me to get off my ass and move. Rock ON!