May 28, 2015

Fly Me Away Vacation Playlist

Hey friends! What's the one must have for vacation? A great playlist! So I've enlisted the very talented, and rightfully proclaimed "Queen of Playlists," Kati Rose to give you her ideal set of songs. I'm still constantly grooving to her Hello Spring playlist, so I'm so excited for this one!

Hello Laura's lovely readers! I'm Kati Rose from Constantly Seeking Wonder. Over on my little space of the internet you'll find me talking about all kinds of things, but it seems I've gained quite the reputation for my playlists. Which comes as no surprise to me as in real life my friends have jokingly bestowed me the nickname "Queen of Playlists" because I have one for every situation in every genre practically. Today while Laura is soaking up the sun on vacation she asked me to take over her blog for the day and I knew just what to do!

Now, show of hands - how many of you will stare out your window over dramatically when you're in the car and suddenly an emotional song comes on. I know most of us have been there at least once (or every time we're in a car, I won't judge.) I'll admit I do it far too frequently. That's not the only time I get lost daydreaming though. Whenever I find myself on an airplane I always think about adventure and how vacations are full of possibilities. Basically it's me thinking about how freaking awesome my trip will be.

My handpicked Fly Me Away Travel Playlist attempts to encompass all those feelings with lots of feel good vibes. This is where I would totally insert the peace sign emoji just saying...

There's some of the travel classics and some unconventional choices too. I tried to keep it fairly relaxing with beats and tempos because I know as much as more bass is fun, it isn't the most soothing for those who hate flying.

Whether you're going to Branson, Missouri or Libson, Portugal this playlist is for you. Press play, stare out the window at the passing clouds, and start amping yourself for the wonderful journey ahead of you.

Happy Travels! If you enjoyed this playlist and would like to discover a few more or find yourself drawn to talks about music, pop culture, and entertainment with a heaping dash of sarcasm make sure to come say hello!


  1. Thanks for letting me guest post Laura! I hope you enjoyed and had a wonderful vacation!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this blog thanks for sharing