May 13, 2015


Hey hey! We made it to Hump Day! And I still have a foot so all is well (more on that later).

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Ok so I'm going to talk even more about this weekend. It was just one that I need to talk about because a lot of things happened and it was all over the place #bearwithme

Saturday morning was #badass style and I got the dog exercised, got him groomed, stopped for coffee, had my oil changed and tires rotated, bought my Mothers' Day present, went to the store for all sorts of miscellaneous needs, deep cleaned the master bath, AND cleaned the floors #thatmightbearunonsentence #butIdiditall #nailedit

Needless to say I was feeling very accomplished heading to the grad party we went to that afternoon. It just so happened to be held at our friend's parent's house, who I found out on the way there are LDS and that there would be no alcohol and I should keep my sailors mouth closed #noguarantees

It actually was AWESOME despite the lack of sin involved. That was until some creepy crawly decided to sting/bite my foot. I don't know if it was a bee or a hornet or a wasp or possibly a Tracker Jacker but it flippin' hurt and I was pissed and couldn't swear about it #fuck #shit #OWWWW! There, now I feel better.

It stung awful and it swelled a little around the sting, but nothing major. That was until Monday. Yeah, it managed to be just fine all night Saturday and all day Sunday and then Monday I wake up to the itchiest Club Foot of all time. Swollen, ugly, ITCHY #GIVEMETHEBENADRYL #pleasemakeitstop

The good news is I have self medicated to the point now that I don't think it will need to be amputated #butitstillitches

Hmmmm... what else? Oh yeah I tried to party like I did back in college on Saturday night. It was a friend's birthday/housewarming party and may have attempted one or more keg stands. Definitely no longer acceptable in my life #Imtoooldforthis

Thank God there was champagne and unlimited brunch the next day for Mothers' Day #thecure

Also, in my drunken state Saturday night I felt the need to come up with an excuse to show everyone my stitches #doyouwanttoseemystitches #dontaskmewhyIdontknow #LOOKIHAVESTITCHES

What are you #hashtagging this week? Come link up and dish!

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  1. Please pass your cleaning motivation my way? Plskthx.
    I accomplished HALF of the vacuuming. The vacuum is still sitting out waiting on me to finish the rest of the house. I think about it and it's taunting me. #nomotivation

  2. Oh my gosh. My mom did a few keg stands at my dad's retirement party and she was SO proud of herself. Haha. So you're totally not too old. ;)

  3. Ok - I have never done a keg stand - but I'm pretty sure I would fail at it.

    And the not cursing thing isn't hard, unless I know I'm not supposed to - THEN all I want to do is slip fuck, shit, and ass into every sentence. #itslikeihavetourettes

  4. I have never done a keg stand. I have an irrational fear of choking to death from drinking upside down. #iknowihaveproblems

    What the hell is the deal with all the bugs? My whole family is covered in bites, my husband looks like his legs are diseased from all of them, and we're contemplating buying a palate of calamine lotion. It's ridiculous. And foot bites are the worst of them all.

  5. I can't do a keg stand, the beer always comes out my nose... so I'm impressed! hahahahaha also my dad just had stitches out + he wanted to talk about them EVERY SECOND so, maybe it's the stitches talking?

  6. Bahahah, a tracker jacker!! That made me LOL! You poor thing. Gosh I haven't been stung by anything in years. Once I did a cart-wheel in my front yard and my foot landed RIGHT on a huge bee. Needless to say, there were tears involved!

  7. It was DEF. a Tracker Jacker! hahaha My friend got bit by a spider (ughh my skin crawls just typing that) last weekend and her entire face was swollen - it was craaazy. I love the outdoors but hate the bugs that come with them

    I'm so jealous of your Sunday brunch - there's nowhere around here for me to brunch and I'd love ot be able to put 'brunching' on my list of hobbies and interest! LOL

  8. Hahahaha... your hashtags are on point! A Mormon party? Well certainly understand why you felt the need to go all out after that. Bugs love me and I get the horrible itchy swollen ones all the time! Ugh... that keg stand video tho... brings back the memories!!!

  9. I have never done a keg stand, because I know I would suck at it. So congrats- still doing better than someone :)

  10. Hahaha Maybe you have some crazy new superpower from that bug bite that you just don't know about yet. I have not tried a keg stand in ages. Heck, I tried to get really crazy and have vodka instead of my usual wine the other night and it got out of hand!

  11. I don't know how you do it week after week but you crack me up. And I have no idea how you managed not to swear after being stung like that! It's hard enough to watch my mouth around my boyfriend's parents and there aren't ever bugs involved. Also, I have never done a keg stand. I'm so lame.

  12. Did you notice that in the keg-stand gif, the girl's cell phone is DUCT TAPED TO HER LEG??? I wish I knew the story behind that. Unless you're asking your helpers to watch your new hip, then you're not too old for keg stands. However, you should attempt keg stands strictly in groups of your own age range.

    Also, I just realized your posts stopped coming up in my Bloglovin' feed, which is frustrating. I'm sure it's them, and not you, but frownie face!

  13. I'm getting together with my group of college friends for the first time in three years because we're all actually going to be in the same state for once tonight and I'm already worried about the amount of keg stands and other bad decisions that I'm too old for are going to be attempted. Hopefully I don't end up like the girl in the gif.

    I may have also laughed at ...or a tracker jacker sting.

  14. Baahaha. I don't do keg stands and that gif is the reason why. "I got you" seem to always be the famous last words. And that dog gif.....genius. I need to teach my dog that.