May 20, 2015

#HASHTAGHUMPDAY | with Kasey at the Bat!!

My trusty side-kick for #hashtaghumpday, Lauren, is somewhere on a  beach drinking margaritas without me. 

As sad as that is, I am so very excited to introduce you to our lovely fill in host Kasey!

Take it away girl!!
Hiiiiiiiiii fellow humpday hashtaggers! I'm Kasey + I blog over at Kasey at the Bat!! I'm cohosting for Lauren because it was the second best option (after me going to Mexico in her place, obviously..) I usually blog about boozy things, baseball, ridiculous things that happen to me (spoiler alert, they're usually prettty hilarious), and I like to take pictures! 
So make sure you go on over and say hi to Kasey. Trust me, she'll be your be your new favorite! PLUS she'll be around co-hosting next week as Lauren and I swap - I'll be on vacation and Kasey will then be my replacement!

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

 First a little business. Here’s the scoop:
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Alright on to business.

I leave for vacation on Saturday. And I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT!!!! #notreallyaconfession #imjustexcited

I'm on my second breakfast sandwich of the day and I'm pretty sure it's going to make me sick, but they are so damn good I just keep eating #cantstopwontstop #fatgirlproblems #ittastesbetterthanskinnyfeels

Along with leaving on vacation on Saturday I took Friday off (to pack and get ready) and I have my dad's retirement party Thursday afternoon so I also will be leaving early that day. AND I may have scheduled a sponsor meeting at 3:30 today so that I can go straight home from there too... #basicallyivecheckedoutalready #strategicscheduling

As much as I am excited to jet off to Washington DC I'm pretty jealous of Lauren down on the beach sipping fruity drinks. I like historic, busy, tons of walking vacations, but the beach just sounds so much better #becauseimlazy #andiwantacabanaboy

Speaking of packed busy days of vacation, I stupidly offered to "plan" the trip for my family because my mom was stressing me out with all her questions about it. So I thought it would be less stress to just do it myself. While it actually was pretty fun to plan, the stress has now transferred to it not being fun when we actually get there, or my family not liking what I planned #theybetterlikeit #ihopewedontkilleachother

Oh and don't worry about me not being around next week #iknowyoureworried. I have some amazing gals lined up for you including Alanna's local tips on what to do and see in DC,  Kati's vacation playlist and of course some Kasey thrown in for good measure #youllbeingoodcompany #showthemsomelove!

That's all for now - let's hope I can get it together and have a few more posts for you before I completely check out! #nogurantees

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  1. HA!!! I feel like the "We're GONNA HAVE FUN" has come out of my mouth like that before too ... haha

  2. Yay for Vacation! And yeah - right before a long weekend or vacation - I totally check out... DAYS AND DAYS BEFORE!

    And "we're all going to have FUN" <--- yup, said it just like that too.

    Haven't been to a beach in YEARS - but probably would still end up in a historic vacation.

  3. I WANT A CABANA BOY TOO! ugh. I need to win the lottery so my whole life can be a vacation. 100% also I bet everyone will have fun in DC! I'm jealous of your vacation too. I'll be moving on Saturday + that's as glamorous as it gets.

  4. Your gif game is always so ON. I love it. I hope you have fun and your family sucks it up and pretends like they're having fun too!

  5. haha #ittastesbetterthanskinnyfeels love it. have fun in DC - I agree, I love busy vacations but can't i have some beach time too? without actually wasting any of my vacation days lol. i just wish i lived near a beach again, problem solved!

  6. Have fun on your vacation! Yes #ittastesbetterthanskinnyfeels !!! I feel like we need to get that one trending because seriously!!! I wish we were headed to the beach any time's all rain and gloom around here!

  7. God bless you for planning your family vacation because there's no way I could handle that. Hope you guys have a blast!

  8. AHHH enjoy vacation!!! That's going to be so fun! I always look forward to your gif posts ;)

  9. Oh man. Wouldn't a cabana boy be the best?!

    Hope you have a GREAT time on vacation!

  10. Well done with the work-week schedule. You're a genius!

  11. Enjoy your vacation! (can I come in your suitcase? - I've always wanted to go to DC!)

  12. Enjoy your vacation! (can I come in your suitcase? - I've always wanted to go to DC!)

  13. Your strategic scheduling is amazing. Like how did you make that work? Don't you wish you could use gifs in real life everyday situations? That Abby one would be perfect to whip out during vacation if anyone complains. Which I hope they don't cause I'm sure you planned a FABULOUS trip. Have lots of fun!