May 21, 2015

Things that make me American

As I prepare to head off to our great nation's Capital I've been feeling a swell of patriotic pride.

'Merica, F*ck yeah! (if you haven't seen Team America do so NOW)

So it's had me thinking - just what all makes me an American? What makes me proud to be an American?

Lots of things.. (this is not an overly sincere list please do not be offended by some of the stereotypical and even offensive things included)

Things that make me American
  • drinking watered down beer from a koozie
  • putting ranch (insert condiment of choice) on everything
  • driving an American made car
  • ordering a super-sized meal with a diet coke
  • driving places I could easily walk
  • throwing a fit when the DVR doesn't work
  • expecting to get what I want right when I want it
  • showering daily, sometimes twice a day
  • speaking Spanglish when we get a call from a non-English speaking person at work (sorry)
  • having my cell phone connected to my body at all times
  • eating gravy
  • watching football
  • watching baseball (can't wait to see the Nationals game on vacation!)
  • shopping at Walmart
  • going to high school prom
  • not being (legally) able to drink until 21
  • eating gigantic portion sizes
  • not using the metric system
  • whitening my teeth
  • eating apple pie (my favorite!)
  • treating my dog like (or better than) most humans
  • having ice in my beverages
  • exercising my right to vote 
  • having both grandfathers as war veterans
  • covering my heart when the anthem plays
  • hanging that flag outside my house in honor of my country and those who have served it

Tell me, what makes you feel American?

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  1. Love it! You might be an American if your idea of international eating includes The Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse, and PF Changs (guilty)

  2. Lol you're hilarious. My husband puts ranch on EVERYTHING so I know he'd appreciate that being on the list! ;) I love my country. You know what's funny. Almost every professional sporting event, when they sing the national anthem...I almost tear up every time! Such a beautiful country to belong to!

  3. Whooooooooo 'Merica!!!! That is what makes this country awesome. Most of the time. haha!

  4. We could be sisters for sure. Considering pizza a food group... that makes me American. It is, isn't it?

  5. When you call tech support/customer service for a company, and some obviously-Indian person is not only hard to understand, but they call themselves "Ashley" or "Brian". Yeah, that is totally your real name. I realize that I sound like a complete bitch.

  6. On the fourth of July all I do is go around saying "America F*ck yeah!"