June 10, 2015

#HASHTAGHUMPDAY | Houston we have a problem

Well, let me dust of the screen a little...

There that's better. Whoops. Sorry about not showing up for a week. But I'm back now! AND I finally will have some vacation details to share this week, I promise!

I'd like to say I had a super busy week and weekend and thus the lack of blogging. But most of it was spent sitting on my ass, or in a pool #sorrynotsorry


Now that it's getting level 7 Hell hot here though, I might be indoors more actually blogging #weshallsee.

Make sure to go say hi to my co-host who has been doing phenomenal, make everyone jealous, vacation blogging recently, Lauren. BEACH. NOW please. Thanks.

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

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Alrighty then. Let's get to it.

Online shopping comes to a quick halt when you get an email alert from your bank letting you know your checking account has dipped below $50 #FML #helpmeimpoor #ineedvacationclothes #thatswhatcreditcardsarefor

I have the shopping itch SO FREAKIN BAD because I'm leaving for New Orleans in a week and a day, A WEEK AND A DAY #holyshit, and I need cute bachelorette bash clothing and swim suits to wear. Nothing in my closet appeals to me #asusual #nothingtowear #tonsofclothes

The only good thing related to money this week was my dad handing me a sealed envelope and telling me to have fun in New Orleans. Yes, I'm 27 years old and still get "vacation money" from my parents #dontbejealous #totallyadultofme #awyoushouldnthavedad

And since it excited me so much, and  made me feel like the trip was really happening, I decided to leave it sealed as a special surprise to open the day I leave #loveagoodsurprise #hopeitstwohundo

I have a backless dress I'm taking on my trip aaaaannnnd my D's aren't going to rock in it without any support. Anybody have successes with stick on bras? Suggestions? #ineedsupport #inmorewaysthanone #nonipslipscuzimclassy

You know you're totally immersed in blogging when you have a dream about another blogger. Another blogger you've never met, who lives on the other side of the country. (Amy it was you, in case anyone is wondering). The dream was fucking nuts and included camping in the snow and hunting with dogs. I really need to stop eating late night snacks #whackedoutdreams #iblamegameofthrones #pleasedontreadintoit #butitwasnicetomeetdreamyou

And that's about all the crazy I have for one week.

Please link up with your crazy so I don't feel alone. K thanks.


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  1. I'm a boobalicious gal, and I've never had luck with the stick ons. #goodluckwiththat

    Dads are the best when they give you sealed envelopes. And hugs. #dadhugsarethebest

    I'm so glad that this is my inagural participation. Did I spell that correctly? #whocares

  2. I once tried those stickers that you put over your nipples, but they won't help as far as support. If the dress has black in it, then you could wear a black racer-back bra. It won't stand out as much as much.

  3. I always want all the things and never have the money to get them haha. Awesome that you got some vacay money from your dad! :) I can't make backless dresses happen with my chest either. Nothing works like a bra when you are a DD. Nothing. I don't care what claims they make. It just isn't fair, is it? Backless dresses are so damn cute!!!!

  4. Oh man. I wish I could wear stick on bras... Ooof. Haha #ineedalotofsupport

  5. Stick on bras have always bothered me - they never seem to "Hold"... Anyway.

    Dreaming about bloggers - well - Late night snacks have a way of totally messing with your REM sleep. I have the weirdest dreams if I eat something crazy before bed. Like tacos - tacos elicit LSD dreams - just kidding, sort of not.

  6. I've actually had really good luck with the stick on bras. They have pretty similar support to a strapless when you get it on right. Highly recommended :)

  7. YOU AND ALL OF YOUR VACATIONS! #jealousssssssssss also, I've heard great things about that fashion tape stuff? I don't have quite the need for support, so I can't help with sticky boobs.....

  8. If you have some sewing skills :http://www.skunkboyblog.com/2013/08/lets-talk-about-backless-dresses-and.html

    P.S. You are always on vacation. I am jealous. :)

  9. Hahahahaha.... I love it!!! I could totally camp in the snow because I hate the heat and I have a big goofy hunting dog:) But seriously, I am so jelly of your vacay. Let me know how the stick on bra thingy works. And again today I am failing at blogging because beer last night... so I feel ya!

  10. Will your parents send ME vacation money?!! Dang girl.

  11. I hate that feeling of hating everything you own and just wanting to throw everything in your closet away and start over!

  12. Hilarious that you had a dream about Amy!

    I am buying all the crap for vacation right now.

  13. Oooo surprise money for vacay! You have more self control than me, I wouldn't be able to wait to open it! LOL @ your D's needing support, I am right there with ya girl! Busty girl probs! :D

  14. I've never used a stick on bra but I did get that tape stuff that you put over your nipples. It felt weird.

  15. I'm too scared to try those bras... I don't think my double Ds could deal. I'm jealous of your surprise vacay money but that's totally awesome! Parents rock. I have been shopping like crazy, too... Oh well! That's why we work, right?

  16. OMG your gifs are spot on this week. I don't have any advise for backless/stick on bras, I say you just pull a Carrie Bradshaw and wear a bra anyway! If you need an anti-shopping buddy, let me know! I'm dying to shop lately and my bank account can't handle it

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