June 3, 2015

#HASHTAGHUMPDAY | Vacation Confessions

The struggle is real my friends. Getting back to the real world is making me physically hurt - or maybe that's the cold my BF decided to gift me as a welcome home present (cough, cough).

But the least I can do is show up for #hashtaghumpday! Big thanks to Kasey for holding down the fort while I was away. Now it's back to us regulars - me and the lovely Lauren! Go say hi would ya?
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Ok, I know you are going to be super tired of hearing about my trip - but just bare with me for this week and it will all be over (that is if I get the photo recap post actually done this week).

But we all have to admit vacations have a lot of moments in them that don't make the final recap - but we're funny, inappropriate, and at the very least, worthy of #hashtagging and confessing.

First off, I want to say I AM NOT RACIST and that I don't have any issues with any other race whatsoever. That being said, I'm from IDAHO and seeing a black person is about as rare here as seeing a shooting star. So, being in DC was a bit of a change for me - and my family. And not just African Americans, but all sorts of cultures from all over the place #weretheminoritynow #whitepeopleissues #yeswereawkward

My first interesting encounter was at the baseball game Sunday afternoon, with the usher checking tickets  that was a very tall, very loud, very friendly (too friendly) man. He made it a point to tell me he didn't re-check tickets for people who were "hot" - meaning me, and people who had "nice tans" - also meaning me, while the entire time staring down my shirt #imupherebro. What baffled me most was that at the time, day one of vacation, I was still very white #thanksiguess #whitestofthewhite

Also at the game, an old man bought my dad a beer. Sometimes there's a perk to being the friendliest guy around #mydadisawesome #freebeersallaround. Oh - and he retired right before we left on the trip, more on that soon too.

On Monday of the trip I saw my first selfie stick in action. But not just your typical selfies - no, the special Asian, get in an awkward stance to have both of us and the Washington Monument in the picture, and not smile either, type of selfie #asiantourists #thebestkindoftourists

I shouldn't really make fun of these people because my mom brought a stuffed Joe Vandal (our team's mascot) to take pictures with at all the major sites #whitetouristsarewierdtoo #joevandal #uidahosummer

Confession - whilst away from the BF we like to send suggestive snapchats to each other. No nudity here - PG13 type stuff, but still... Do you know how hard it is to take a sexy snapchat?!?!? It would take me 15 flipping tries for one #snapchatissues #epicfail #doublechinsineverything

Oh and I forgot to mention, on the way there, our flight from Denver to DC boarded, we sat there 20+ minutes in the plane, and then we were told to de-board. Our flight was postponed FIVE HOURS until they could get another plane there since ours had maintenance issues. Don't you check that before you let everyone on? What about all the people with connecting flights there?! #RAGE #wtf

Aaaannndd that's all I've got. Tomorrow, fingers crossed, I'll have some photos and a re-cap for you!

Link up and #hashtagit ladies!!

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  1. Since all the people vacationing in DC makes me miss being so close! I miss the diversity... and the people watching. The metro is HIGH QUALITY people watching. And airports are stupid, that's what I've decided.

  2. Plane issues give me all the rage.

    I hate selfie sticks. I don't care who is using them.

  3. You make me laugh so much. The typical Asian tourist photo with a selfie stick is fantastic. And yeah, I can never get snapchats to look good. Like ever.

  4. Haha so confession: I so want a selfie stick. :(

  5. Snapchats are so hard to get right... I delete a hundred for everyone I send... thus completely defeating the purpose of snapchat. #fail

  6. That "worm" snapchat looks identical to something I've sent before, bahah! No joke. It's gross, but also kind of a talent ;) yay for your dad retiring! That's exciting!!

  7. you know, we never did make flat Laura + flat Kasey to go on adventures with. totally putting that on my to-do list.....

  8. Lol I am awful at Snapchat! I just can't seem to get it!

  9. That picture of your dad is so adorable! Congrats to him :) This year we went to Niagara Falls and D.C. and saw SO MANY SELFIE STICKS, it was hilarious to me!

  10. See a selfie stick out in public is pretty hilarious. I always am sure to point and stare to make them feel even more awkward. Hehehe

  11. LOL at selfie sticks! I don't think I would ever be brave enough to use one plus my husband hates them BUT I must admit they look very convenient for when we're trying to take a picture of both of us!

  12. lol at all of this! And I have to say, I am looking for a selfie stick to take with me to Mexico!

  13. I think selfie sticks are so...unnecessary. If I can't easily photograph myself in front of something, I just forget it and focus on enjoying the memory. But, people are buying them, so whoever invented them is enjoying that money.

  14. Yay for trips. Glad it was fun. Sorry you have a cold now.

    And the selfie sticks! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I saw my first one in action last weekend. And the girl was totally just a local... not even a tourist.

  15. BAHA seeing people use a selfie stick is ALWAYS awkward. And omg your dad is adorable in his retirement gear!