August 31, 2015

My Online Subscriptions

Stichfix, Ipsy, Birchbox, Julep, PopSugar, Bark Box - I could go on and on and on.
My online subscriptions
It seems like online subscriptions are all the rage right now. While I have prided myself by staying away from most of these (because I'm broke as a joke), there are still a handful I DO subscribe to.

Let's start with the bestest most amazing thing you SHOULD be signed up for shall we? While it's not technically a subscription box, it is a membership worth having.

I know, nothing new right? Still, this has to be on here. It makes my life so much easier. Why I like it - Whether it's gift buying, restocking a favorite beauty or kitchen item, or pre-ordering new blu-rays for our movie collection, Amazon Prime is the shit. What's better than free two day delivery? Nothing. Really nothing. I know it's not "free" with the subscription, but if you use prime to order even 3 things a year, it's basically paying for itself. I mean I ordered a MATTRESS and got free shipping! Things to consider - nothing, just sign up and start being obsessed.

This is technically the only "box" I subscribe to. Imagine Netflix for clothes, jewelry and accessories. Unlimited amounts for $50 a month! Similar to Stichfix, you have a "stylist" that picks items for you for each box, usually including 3 clothing items and 2 accessories. Keep what you love if you want, or use everything strictly as a rental. Why I like it - if I'm actually on top of things in life (rarely) I can get about 3 boxes a month by wearing what I like and sending my box back within the week. So that's like 15+ new fashion items a month for that price tag! Also - no need to wash or worry about cleaning the items. Stuff them in the pre-postaged bag and drop in the box. Super easy. ALSO, prior to sending each box they email you so you can pick exactly what you want to be shipped! You can switch out anything your stylist picked for you, or keep it like it is. Bonus - you can "freeze" your subscription if $50 is over your budget that month. Things to consider -  my only issue with this subscription has been sizing. Sometimes I'll have a whole box that doesn't fit. That has gotten better now that they have added XL's and even plus size, but still - you can't expect everything to fit or look good you order online right? The good news? Just send it back!

I'm lumping these three together because they all work the same way. Just Fab is shoes and purses (although they have expanded into clothing), Fabletics is athletic wear, and Adore Me is lingerie. Here's the deal  - you have a monthly "subscription" or payment that is worth one credit of a certain value - usually one outfit/set/pair. That payment/credit never goes away, so whether you use it that month or not, you don't lose money. Why I like it - you can SKIP the month and not pay anything. For the most part, for all three of these sites, I skip almost every month. I still get customized "boutiques" sent to me each month for browsing, and when something intrigues me, I get free shipping on whatever I decide on. I've ordered just a few things from each site, and almost everything I have liked. Plus, they offer free returns and exchanges! Things to consider - if you were to pick just one of these sites, I'd recommend Just Fab. I have several purses and shoes from this site that get compliments EVERY TIME I use them. Things are fairly good quality considering the price (although I've sent back one pair of boots) and they have killer sales!

JustFab review
Some of my previous orders from

Again, not really a subscription box, but a membership worth having if you have pets! We order all of our pet food through Chewy.comWhy I like it - By setting up monthly auto-ship, we get free shipping (because our order is over a certain $ amount) and the bags of food are cheaper than what I'd find at the local pet store. It saves me a trip to the pet store for our fancy brand name foods, and shows up right at my door - I never have to worry about running out! Plus the people at Chewy are fantastic and sometimes there's stickers, notes or other goodies in the box. We also get treats free from Chewy for sampling. The boys go NUTS for them! Things to consider - nothing here either, just a great resource for pet parents!

What sites do you subscribe to? Any I should add to my list? Will you be trying any of these?
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  1. Prime is so great! Recently, I've started taking advantage of Prime Radio and using it while I workout. It's so easy to just put it on and not have to worry about fiddling with a playlist

  2. I was debating about the Fabletics... I need to see better how it works.

  3. I love Amazon Prime and am so-so on my Ipsy subscription. I haven't tried LeTote, but mostly because of sizing/fit issues. I am a very odd shape and don't want to "waste" my time returning items.

  4. Prime is like essential to life, lol! Love it. And love JustFab and Fabletics too, like you I skip almost every month but when I am ready to buy shoes, purses, or workout clothes they are there! Chewy sounds awesome for my furbabies, will have to check it out!

  5. Amazon Prime is the best. I feel like there's no excuse not to have it. Amazon has everything and I refuse to pay shipping pretty much ever!

  6. We have Amazon Prime and I have ordered from Chewy's before. I am not on their auto-ship yet. I also do the Allure box monthly. I am signed up for Julep, but I have skipped every month since like last December haha.

  7. Love the corinth shoes! So cute!!

    xo, mikéla /

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