August 14, 2015

Things Non-Bloggers Just Don't Get

As I was doing my usual blog perusing this week I found this post by Emmy Jake. It really hit me as true to life, because let's face it, our IRL friends and even our families a lot of times just don't "get it," when it comes to blogging.

This week I shared that a major brand had re-posted one of my instagram photos and it was getting WAY more attention than my normal tiny instagram account would have gotten it. I shared this with the BF and he kind of shrugged his shoulders at me. "So?"

Uh SO?! He just didn't understand how excited I was to have a post going "viral" or as close as it ever will for me. And I realized, well, that's the blogger in me. The person who wants shares, comments, new followers and friends. The person who creates content for that reason and who lives for that extra push in the social media world.

Is that so bad? To someone outside the blogging world it might seem like that. Vain even. But it wasn't about the "I'm so cool, look at me" thing. It was the fact I had created meaningful, engaging content and someone had noticed and shared. 

So it got me thinking about all the things we do as bloggers that those non-blogger folk just don't get. 

(slightly exaggerated because let's face it, we've all been there)

  • Take photos of our food and beer, because we need to blog about our weekend
  • Check twitter the second a notification "bings" on our phone
  • Take selfies super sweaty after our workout and post to social media
  • Share everything we ate that week online
  • Buy fresh flowers so we can instagram it
  • Stage photos of inanimate objects that are pretty
  • Use phrases like "in real life friends" and "bloglovin"
  • Pre-schedule our social media posts to be ahead of the game
  • Take photos of yourself doing _____ and post it to the internet
  • Obsessively take pictures of your pets (that might be universal though)
  • Say things like "this is going on the blog" or "hold on I'm blogging"
  • Get in an Asian tourist like position to capture the perfect photo
  • Order a fancy/pretty coffee drink just so we can instagram it
  • Use hashtags overbearingly in social media
  • Wear an outfit specifically to blog about it
  • Randomly write ideas in our phone, planner or notebook
  • Get excited when an instagram post has ___ likes
  • Live for the posts your "tagged" in by friends so you get to repost/retweet
  • Take photos of your entire daily routine
  • Try _____, crazy workout, diet, makeup, soda pop etc. and talk about it online
  • Use Pinterest for more than recipes and DIY, but to grow your following
  • Get giddy when we get a new computer or camera or selfie stick
  • Feel disconnected when you don't get to "blog" that day

Do you have non-bloggers in your life that get it? Don't get it? Do you do all of any of these things? I'd love to hear your take.

Happy Friday loves!

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  1. I pretty much do all of them and my friends are just used to it. They make fun of me 24/7 though. I think the thing they get the least is how I say "my blog friend" but I really do consider you guys friends!!!

  2. Every time I take a picture of my food/coffee I'm pretty sure Blake questions why he married me

  3. Hahaha these are too funny (and true)!

  4. Hahah yes! I love the one about randomly writing down ideas. I do that almost daily, ha! Can't help it!!!!

  5. Strangely, my non-blogging Facebook friends (before I deleted my Facebook) seemed to be way worse about photographing/posting everything! My blogger friends are not as bad.

  6. All so true! My husband laughs at me because I always have to take pictures of my food (or our food if we're sharing) but he's used to it by now so he just waits till I'm done with the pic to dig in! :D

  7. That's why I haven't told people I know...I don't think they'll get it! My fiance, mom, and one of my best friends know, but only my fiance knows the name of it and could find it if he wanted. But he doesn't because he isn't interested I guess. Which I would say also means he doesn't get it. The taking pictures of food/coffee thing is a big one for me. Michael's always like, "Can we eat now?" Haha!

  8. Great post! I do a lot of these! :)

  9. I had one of my posts from last week get retweeted and I was losing my mind and jumping up and down with husband just looked at me like a was crazy. Sigh. They just don't get it!