September 11, 2015


Was it just me or was this week excruciatingly long considering it was a four day work week?

Well the good news is we've made it to the sweet spot, Friday. YAY!

I'm planning to spend my weekend soaking up what's left of summer sun at a volleyball tournament and then lots of relaxing and football watching. I can't wait!

And since it's Friday, we've got to do some favorites!

1 | Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. Ladies, meet your new best friend! This was my first time trying a Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs product. Influenster sent me the product free for testing, and boy am I glad they did! I feel like it makes my legs so perfect it's almost like I'm wearing very sheer stockings. I mean that in a good way - smooth and evenly toned and covered in all the places that are less than perfect. As someone with a lot of scars (*cough* softball) I am always a bit self conscious showing my legs. This stuff makes all those tiny imperfections disappear! I was sent the medium tone, and it provided rich natural color for me. Putting it over my spray tan for the wedding last weekend - FLAWLESS GOLDEN SKIN. 

The only draw back to this product is that it does leave a mark. Make sure you smooth it on very evenly and wash your hands after application. And don't be an idiot like me and try to put it on in your bridesmaid dress, and get it all over the dress before the ceremony, do it before getting dressed, allowing plenty of time to dry.

Viola, flawless work legs with my favorite flats!

2 | Productive days. Do you ever just have days that you knock it out of the park? They just feel so good that it gives you warm fuzzies inside? Well Wednesday after my doctor's appointment (my implant is super sore by the way in case you were wondering) I got so much done. I got a car wash, washed the inside windows of my car, vacuumed the living room and the bedroom, washed not only the sheets but also the bedspread, took the dog to the park, did all the dishes, deep cleaned the laundry room, emptied the litter box and..... cooked paleo pizza casserole for dinner (which is like a 2 hour thing). BOOM. Nailed it. Crawling into the freshly cleaned sheets last night was even better after all that.

Paleo Pizza Pie Casserole

3 | Over-sized cardigans for fall. I received this Lucky Brand cardigan in my Le Tote box last week and it is all sorts of amazing. Aaaaand it has pockets. I think it might be a keeper. I wore it around day of the wedding as we got ready and have had it on repeat since (until it got back up to 90 degrees grrrrrrr). Can I justify $54 though? The struggle is real.

4 | I can't sing their praises enough. Last night as I fed Gunner I realized we were almost at the bottom of the bag. I checked my email and sure enough - my notice that a shipment will be coming soon was in my inbox. It's like they know me (ok or I set up the perfect cycle for auto-ship). They also sent Gunner the most amazing Halloween treats to sample! It's not too early for that is it? We are already a Blue Buffalo family so I was so excited to try their Halloween Boo Bars. It's like a PSL for dogs - a fall treat for your furry friend while you binge on Halloween candy. Gunner approves!

These are MY treats Mom


5 | Photo booths. Overused? Cliche?  Maybe. Still fun as all get out? Absolutely! The bride and groom had a photo booth at the wedding last weekend and I had way too much fun posing for strip after strip with my favorite people! 

On a not so fun and happy note, I hope everyone is taking this day to reflect on the events that transpired 14 years ago. I can still remember sitting in my junior high prep period and hearing the news, seeing the footage on TV and not knowing truly what it meant for my country. A year later I visited ground zero and the emotion that flooded me confirmed just what had happened there and why we must always remember that day. Today more than most, I'm proud to be an American and to remember those lost and those we still fight for.
That's all she wrote folks! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Love the oversized cardis too! That pizza casserole looks great! Happy Friday.
    Trish - tales from trish

  2. I love airbrush legs! You're right though- you have to give it time to soak in and dry. I also really like the Jargons gradually glow lotions, they don't wash off and are the same price point as the Sally Hansen.

  3. I am a big fan of the airbrush legs stuff too!! That pizza casserole looks so good, and I love the photo booth pictures! So fun! That cardigan is fall perfection! Though, I doubt I will be wearing any of them anytime soon, silly weather!

  4. I love productive days like that, I always feel so good! Ooo I love that cardigan and anything with pockets makes me happy!

  5. That cardigan is awesome! It is so cute and looks crazy comfy! And that casserole...yum!

  6. I love photobooths! I'm in two weddings in the next few months and I'm trying to get both brides to get one. I think one is taking the bait. The other, it's going to be a hard sell. #partypooper

    I'm obsessed with oversized cardigans and kimonos. They make getting dressed easy!

  7. I love oversized cardigans, I need more!

  8. I LOVE me some four-day workweeks.. they should be the norm.. just all across the board. Lol. I have already started hunting for cardigans and I am STOKED! Hope you have a great weekend Laura! Take Care -Iva