September 14, 2015

Taking the Bad with the Good | And some MOOLA for You!

Hello friends!

My weekend kicked off with the HVAC service man telling me I need to replace my whole furnace in order to have AC and heat (which I may need starting this week). I've been border line on tears every time I think about it because I do not have $3K to make this purchase.

I know it will be much more efficient than the 25 year old one we have and that it will help with resale value, but it hurts. And I'm so very aware of all the things it will effect having that cost lingering as we head into the holidays.

Baked goods as gifts for everyone because that's going to be all I can afford (with borrowed sugar from the neighbor)!

But with every low there comes a high. And despite not having AC over the 95 degree weekend, it was a really good one. I played a lot of volleyball, spent time with friends and family, grocery shopped and meal prepped, and capped it off with an awesome softball game.

So I'm trying to soak in the best parts of the weekend as I research and call HVAC companies...

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. And in case you also are having money troubles, or could just use some cash ( I mean who couldn't?) I'm giving away (with the help of Karli and friends) $200 Paypal cash! PLUS some other goodies (jewelry, home decor, yoga pants and more! Details)

So get to entering dears!

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  1. Girl I feel your pain!!! My A/C went out a few weeks ago and the repair man is a friend and was able to fix it. Last week he informed me the bill was in the mail... can you say tears were quick to follow. Sometimes being a homeowner sucks ass!!!

  2. Yikes girl--sorry to hear that! If it's not one thing it's something else :(

  3. House costs are never fun! =\ I hope you get a couple opinions/quotes from people! Last year someone tried to tell us our whole shebang needed replaced, but come to find out someone else was able to clean it and fix it up for "only" about $600. Definitely not the $$$$ we were originally quoted. Good luck good! :)

  4. That is the worst! Our heater went out the first winter we lived in our home and we got it replaced with the home warranty. Now, we are just crossing our fingers with the a/c unit.

  5. Hey I'm mentioning this because money (or the lack thereof) has been coming up lately on here...I can't recommend enough checking out YNAB ( There's a free trial of the software, free live classes to learn how to use it where they give away free copies, and an awesome forum with super helpful and encouraging people. It's a little different system than most others out there, and what I love about it is it deals exactly with whatever your current reality is, with no guilt if your plan for your money has to change. It's expected that you won't be perfect and that's built into the methodology. Anyway, again, I can't recommend enough that you give it a try. Good luck!

  6. Ughhh adult problems are the absolute worst!!! So sorry to hear but I am sure it will all work out.

  7. Ugh That is the worse! I just became w homeowner this year and reading that cost makes me ill! I hope you can find a good deal! I got some sugar I can lend you lol! Trish - tales from trish

  8. I am so sorry, lady! I cannot imagine. I'm trying to buy a new car because the air has broken in mine the past three summers... so I cannot imagine it being broken in my house! I definitely suggest getting more opinions and looking into other options! Good luck and thinking of you!

  9. Oh noooo! I'm sorry to hear that. I had a surprise water heater purchase a few months ago; not as bad as your bill, but still enough to make me want to hide under a rock until this whole adult thing blows over.