September 9, 2015


Well Wednesday came up quick! Thank goodness for holiday weekends and short work weeks!

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Ok, so I don't feel like I have have a ton of confessions this week. So.... I'm going to do another currently hybrid for you. To, you know, fill the void...


Project Runway. Is anyone else a fan? I love me some Tim Gunn. I also binge watched a bunch of Disney movies over the long weekend (I love ABC Family #Funday movie marathons), including Ratatoullie, Finding Nemo, Mulan and Tangled. Yes, I'm 27, no I'm not ashamed #givemeallthedisney #sitonthecouchlikeitsgoingoutofstyle #mydadcallsprojectrunwaythegayparade

All the Whole30 recipes still. I definitely have been off track since after "day 30" but I have all Whole30 recipes scheduled for this week and I can't get enough #cantstopwontstop #paleopizzapie #sloppyjoes #onrepeat

Nothing. I need to get better about this. I have the first Maze Runner book downloaded on my Kindle as I was planning to read all of those before the next movie comes out. I also have a million more books on my Goodreads list. Maybe now that the weather is turning I can snuggle up and read #letsgetbacktoit #allthebooks #readingweather

I wasn't so out of money. I feel like this year I am stretched so thin money wise. I'm so ready to #treatyoself with all the fall things and I can't. Also, with the BF's truck in the shop we can no longer afford to go to Hawaii this winter #cryingtomyself #selfpity #helpmeimpoor

That my new birth control implant (happening today!) works out and that A) I don't have nasty scar on my arm B) I don't have terribly off schedule bleeding which they have warned about and C) it actually helps alleviate some of my other girly problems #fingerscrossed #itsgoinginthearm #nobabiesplease

Ready for fall - shorter days, football weekends, cooler temps and pumpkin everything #basicbitch #ilovefall #soready

What are you #hashtagging this week? Link up!

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  1. You have to tell me about the birth control implant. I want one so badly but am really really scared. Mostly of how they will get it out. Problem for future me? I'm not sure...Also I love Tim Gunn.

  2. I am anxious to hear about your birth control implant. I went back on the pill this spring and it made my periods last two weeks. NO thanks.

  3. Yeah, we've been stretched thin money wise this month too with moving, it's annoying! Just the guilt of spending more after spending a ton sucks, lol. I'm definitely looking forward to fall.

  4. Which BC are you getting? I'm looking into alternatives to the pill.

  5. BC made me crazy so i had to stop and i was too scared to do implants because i'm a chicken! i hope yours works out.

  6. Fun fact, one of my friend's sisters is on project runway :) I really need to watch the show so I can see her! I hope that your new BC works out for you! One day there has to be a better method than all this shiz they have now. Bight on the cooler temps for real!!!!

  7. I totally forgot about Project Runway. I used to watch it religiously! I need to get back into it

  8. I used to LOVE Project Runway! I haven't watched it in a long time. I need to get better about reading too. It's just...Netflix is so much easier...

  9. Blood Orange, she's so pretentious. Shut up, it's f*cking red. (I hope you get that reference otherwise I'm gonna feel lame haha but it's basically the best quote of all time ever.)

  10. Project Runway! I'm your girl! Love Tim Gunn, love the show, just love. Also, I have a LOT of thought about several of these years designers (and "designers"). Please, let's dish!