October 29, 2015

Can You Help Me Please?!

Does anyone else sometimes feel like they are very lost in what they are doing every day? I'm not trying to get deep here, like what's my purpose in life or anything, but sometimes I find myself with that high-pitched basic girl voice in my head saying "wwhhhhhaaaat?"

I've asked for blogger help before regarding trends and you guys went above and beyond, so I'm going to lay out some things I need help with today and then cross my little stubby fingers that you feel inclined to comment and help a sister out. 

And when I say lay out things, I also mean some embarrassing questions. Questions I know I could google or should know the answer to. 

If you need to laugh at my blondness in this, please go ahead. The other option is doing that AND giving some needed answers. 

Ok, thanks.

First, what is Periscope? How is it different than Snapchat? Is it worth it? Just why? Just what?

Next, Podcasts. Obviously ALL THE RAGE right now. So here's the thing, are they only for Pod devices (apple?) or can I get them on my Android? Where do I find these mystical things? And if they are so popular why are they so confusing to me? 

Third, call anxiety. Does anyone else absolutely fear making calls? To the point it makes you almost physically ill? Do you have strategies to combat that fear? Tips much appreciated.

Back to Snapchat. Where is the line between just adding stuff to your story and sending it directly to someone? Meaning another blogger. I have a few bloggers I'm close enough to that I send stuff direct but what about all the other bloggers I now follow due to the increased Snapchat popularity? Like can I send one of those big time bloggers a snap? Or is that taboo? Just stories? Tell me what's appropriate.

Does anyone have the secret to doing more in a day that doesn't include getting up earlier? How do bloggers do it all with a job and still cook, clean, work out, and blog? Is it just a motivation thing? Am I just THAT lazy? Is there time-management tool you can share?

Am I just worrying about totally non-important things? Yeah probably.

Still wanting your two-cents though!

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  1. podcasts are a series of recordings that are available to all devices (iOS or android) and usualy come in .mp3 format so yes, your android phone can handle it :)

    snapchat -- i had a love affair with it once but then got bored and stopped. it was fun while it lasted and once in a while i'll fire it up but these days, i just use whatsapp to send weird stuff to the AHole Bros group.

    as for getting it all done - i have to plan that shizz out. even when i was working and had my other bigger blog, i had to schedule posts in advance; it was the only way to stay on top of the blog. working out was always done at 5am every morning and i stick to a cleaning schedule!

  2. Call Anxiety - yes! I had that and I still get anxiety sometimes when I have to make calls. My only advice is - just do it! The person at the other end is a person just like you AND the beauty is they can't see your facial expressions! That's my favorite part. Trish - tales from trish

  3. Periscope is...interesting. I don't have snapchat so I don't know how the video part works there, but basically perisocpe is a live streaming app. You can create a video and people can talk to you while they watch it and then it can be saved for a certian amount of time. There are some people that SHOULD NOT have periscope because they act like it's their own tv show, but I find it fun when celebrities use it to interact. I've watched interviews with some of my favorite athletes and it's fun seeing them similar to us real people. I have it but rarely use it.

    Kathy did a good job explaining podcasts, dont feel bad, I had no idea how they worked either.

    I think planning the day out is helpful when you want to get things done. Maybe give yourself three days to get things done and two days to be lazy and hang during the work week. I find motivation randomly but I also get up earlier than normal now to fit in yoga and stretching. Figure out what truly matters to you and then forget the rest. :)!

  4. I do not understand Snapchat at all. I guess I just feel like it's for people who are sending things they don't want "saved" by the receiver, which I don't do...plus, couldn't someone just screenshot the Snapchat? 15 seconds or however long you get is more than enough time to screenshot something...

  5. I can't answer your blogger questions, but as far as call-anxiety, I HATE calling strangers/business/etc. My mental "out" is that if I need to I can always just hang up. Hell, I can even lie (if they call back) and say I lost connection. It's a horrible thing to do, I know, but I can usually silence my anxiety with an "out" and that's what I've come up with! Ha!

  6. I like Periscope to see what other bloggers have to say but I don't record videos myself because I honestly have nothing to say when I'm put on the spot like that. I was always terrified of public speaking and Periscope brings back that fear for me. I didn't get Snapchat at first but now I love it. I think it's just an unedited version on Instagram and I use it more in the moment. Also, it gives a sense of exclusivity since the Snaps disappear so I like to use Snapchat when I go to events.

  7. Girl, I ask myself the time management question every day. Especially since I have to wake up at 5:30 am every morning to make it to work on time and don't usually get home until 7 pm. The struggle is real. And I have Snapchat, but I don't think it's that great. It's supposed to be you posting a snap moment of your life but I feel like so many bloggers use like 5 snaps to talk about something which in my opinion kinda defeats the purpose. I don't usually send someone something unless I'm snapping something that relates to them or I think they'd like or I'm replying to something they snapped. I usually just post everything on my story. I don't really think there's any right or wrong way though so I wouldn't stress about it! :) <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  8. I would set both periscope and snapchat on fire if it meant never hearing about them again, so that's all I can say about that.

    When calling someone, I say "the worst that can happen is BLANK" and then I'm prepared for it.

    As far as getting things done, I use a to-do list, and I don't sit down at night/on the weekend until what must get done gets done. I don't overdo it on my lists unless I'm going for gold. I'm all about work first play later. I also blog in blogs so most of my posts for the week are pretty fleshed out by Sunday or Monday. That's a load off.

  9. I used to have call anxiety and meeting anxiety and all sorts of work related anxieties. Then I started watching the bullshitters very closely and I realized you can fake your way through just about anything until you figure it out. I mean don't lie but just act like you know whats up about anything and everything and then hang up and google that shit. I think I just got too old to get nervous about that stuff. I love snap chat but I know I am too lazy to really do it the right way. And yes I think you can snap chat anyone you want. I snap Rhianna all the time, we besties now.

  10. I am too lazy to read the other responses so tell me to bug off if they were answered sufficiently enough for you.

    Podcasts- If you dont have an iPhone you can listen to them on Stitcher which is an app you download. I like some podcasts, but some are stupid and lose my attention fast. Like real fast.

    Snapchat- I am still trying to learn the ropes myself. I feel stupid sending any snaps to anyone, I usually just do a story. When i remember the thing exists. Actually, take no advice from me on this subject and also fuck periscope. I am too old for all this fancy new shit.

    I wake up at 435 am to get my work out in. I have been doing this for two years. When my alarm goes off, I want to kill someone every morning, but I get up and do it anyways. I have no clue how or why, I just do. It took awhile to get used to, I wont lie. You have to work yourself up to it. Now I am a morning person. If I didn't wake up early, I literally would have zero time for work outs, packing my lunch, and getting some blogging done. I work a full time job and spend nearly 2 hours of my day commuting. You flat out cant create more hours outside of 24 so you do what you can to make it happen.

  11. Regarding podcasts I'm not sure about Android (but probably) but even if not you can download them directly from the Podcasts website!

  12. I'm trying to get in on the whole Snapchat thing... I feel like I'm way behind. I'm also unsure if you should send stuff to big time bloggers you follow or not? Haha. Basically everything that you said though, I'm just as confused or unsure about. When it comes to time management.. just do what you can do! You're doing great!


  13. I have NO idea what periscope is so if and when you figure it out, fill a sister in. Snapchat is seriously becoming my fave, I got my non-tech fiance to get in on it and he actually enjoys it. I have a bunch of bloggers (big and small time) that I send snaps to. I've noticed there are a few "bigger" ones that don't respond (and prob don't even open it), but then there are a few that totally do! Don't be afraid to reach, it can't hurt. Also following you back on snap :)!!

  14. I'm laughing because I don't know any of this either, not because they're dumb questions! I only use Snapchat to see pictures/videos of Michael's cousin's baby. I am not down to get Periscope because I don't need any more social media in my life and also I kind of hate watching videos (except the short cute Snapchat videos of the aforementioned baby).

    I have never listened to a podcast...but when everyone was freaking out about Serial I was like, "Should I be listening to this...?" Are they free? I don't know anything.

    Also my apartment is a horrible mess and lately I haven't worked out like at all. But I finished one post/wrote three full posts on Sunday morning which made this week so nice, so I definitely do posts in advance when I can!

  15. Periscope is where people like do these live streams of themselves and viewers can interact.

    and YES, YES, YES, YES- I get anxious prior to making a call. I hate it!!!

    And lol, no tips here on getting more done in the day. If you get any, send them my way!

    Cute post :)

  16. My call anxiety is so real. Just thinking about makes me sweaty and dries out my tongue. I have no idea how people get it all done. Notice how my blog goes missing for a few days at a time. It's because I do not have my shit together...I'm the worst and can never fit everything in a day so I usually just give up and watch Netflix. It will all still be there tomorrow.

  17. Periscope seems to be some kind of "live broadcasting" from your phone_ where snapchat is more uploading whenever and it sits there until someone views it.

    I HATE making phone calls at work. I usually push it off until the very last moment ;) not sure why it gives me such anxiety at times.

    I just snap my best friends and a few close bloggers from time to time. If it's a general snap that isn't specific to someone, I add it to "my story", but if it's something I know only my 1 specific friend would care about, I send it to only her!

    Love this post. I have a few "random" questions of my own and love the idea of getting different answers from people. ;)

  18. Looks like I'm late to the party and everyone already explained everything! I like periscope and it's a good way to get your name out and show off your personality a little more :) With snapchat, I have mine set to only being able to get snaps from people who are my snap friends (basically i don't want just ANYONE to be able to send snaps cause sometimes you will get nude spam sent and that's just gross) So someone not on my list CAN send me a snap but I will never know because they aren't on my friend list if that makes since? SO I snapped a BIG blogger but she never opened it so I assumed she is "private" too. But yeah hopefully that kinda helps more with snapchat :) anddd whenever possible I try to get Jason to make calls for me haha I totally have calling anxiety so I feel you girl :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  19. I have NO idea about Periscope either!!!! I used to listen/watch to podcasts on YouTube before I started using my iPhone for it.

  20. Yea I'm not big on Periscope, so I can't help you there.

    Podcasts. Depending on where you're getting them, a lot of time you can download them straight from online and then you can load them onto your Android phone the same way you transfer any music or pictures between your computer and phone. (I have an Android, too!!)

    Call anxiety. PSSSSSH I used to have the absolute WORST call anxiety (and sometimes I still do). I had to figure out how to get over it when I worked as a sales manager and basically my job was just calling people all the time. Two things help me. The first is I call A LOT of people in a row. Things like bill-paying or company inqueries, you know all those phone calls you avoid and just keep putting on your to-do list. Do them all right in a row, spend an hour or two. Sometimes having to do them all in a great big chunk is helpful because it doesn't allow you that extra time to cop out. Secondly, (and this one is really common help for all anxieties) is twofold. Firstly, realize that anxiety is something that will always be there. You have a fear, and you can't cure it per se. You can only learn how to conquer it. Try controlling your breathing. If you are in control of your breathing it is physically impossible to panic because to panic you need too much oxygen. Tell yourself you're in control of your phone voice, that you're excellent on the phone, that you get stuff done and you're a boss, and just try to face your fear. Write down what's making you upset about talking on the phone, and figure out for yourself a game plan that addresses the fear head on.

    And as for getting tons of stuff done in a day, quite frankly I think it's all down to knowing yourself HOW MUCH you can ACTUALLY get done in a day (like if it realistically takes you 2 hours to put together a blog post from outline to schedule, you can't do 20 in a day), and time-block your day to set realistic, I-will-get-this-done goals. I think a lot of the way that I get overwhelmed with my to-do list is when I have this huge list and it's so big and daunting that I end up getting almost nothing on it done from one day to the next because it's just so much that I can't get ANY of it finished.

    Also, just to let you know, there's no follow-up button on this comment form for me to click so if you respond I won't see it hahahahah BEST OF LUCK lady xx Miss you! haha

  21. Tried persicope, hated it, deleted it.

    You can totally send me direct snaps! I am huge on stories and I like watching them but a good direct snap every once in a while is great!

  22. i got on periscope for like 2 seconds and deleted it. didn't understand it, didn't like it.
    i don't know about big time bloggers, but i send people snaps all the time! in fact i think it's helped me become closer to certain bloggers, in a way that stalking on instagram / email couldn't. i'm like HEY i can finally hear your voice and stuff!

  23. Bloggers are the sweetest gals in the world. Look at all of this incredible advice!

    + Call anxiety is a real thing and it's completely normal. I don't have any great advice except for "keep trying!". I used to have drive-thru anxiety (like fast food, for real) and still kind of have a little lapse in confidence when I'm pressed to do it!

    + Snapchat: If I want some to see it and not others, send direct. It's like opening a conversation with someone. If I want people to whimsically see what I'm up to in general life, snap story. Totally cool to direct snap a 'big blogger' if you're looking to start a conversation! (oh and add me: jumpingje)

    + The ONLY way I used to be able to do it all was wake up an hour early to read blogs, work out, read blogs and blog-prep during work hours, then write at night while watching tv. All of that = zero life other than blogging. Don't fall into that trap. Prioritize what's most important to you and the rest will fall into place. Cooking once on the weekends has truly cut down my meal-time, though!

  24. I really liked this post! I may actually kinda use the idea sometime (if you don't mind) - and yes, call anxiety. Ugh. And interacting with people anxiety...like the bank teller, the checkout clerk, the waitress, etc. Oy.
    I don't really have any other answers, just more questions. Sorry.

  25. I have serious phone anxiety. Also most of my jobs have been phone jobs and I've been told I have an amazing phone voice and even did recorded messages for different companies....but honestly it makes me feel like my skin is crawling and I always used to come home drained and empty feeling after those type jobs!

    I also don't get periscope....

    I love podcasts but I have apple products so I'm not sure how that works....Welcome to Nightvale is my favorite cast though!

  26. I need the answers to all these questions too! I also have serious calling anxiety...can phone calls just go extinct already?

  27. I dont understand periscope either lol! i feel like i'm either getting older and its harder to keep up or maybe there's just too many "things" out there.
    XO Ellen from Ask Away