November 18, 2015

#HASHTAGHUMPDAY | Swirling pile of...

Happy humpday! Can you believe we are only a week away from Thanksgiving? Me either.

You know what else we are a week away from? The ONE YEAR anniversary of #HashtagHumpday! Since the true date falls the week of the holiday, my lovely co-host Lauren and I have decided to celebrate the week after Turkey Day, hoping that we won't miss anyone who may be traveling for the holiday. So mark you calendars for the ONE YEAR #HASHTAGHUMPDAY PARTY on December 2nd! We will be giving away a prize to our lovely link-ers!

Whoa, so much excitement and we aren't even there yet!

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There is so much swirling around in my head this week. The work front has turned into death-con-5 and it's been so emotional that I've felt physically sick more than once. I'd elaborate but I can sum it up pretty simply: politics suck #especiallyincaldwell #commissionerscansuckadick

One of the outcomes of the work shit storm is that we have cancelled our New Year's Eve event. When I first heard this idea I was all for it as it meant a lot less work for me, and that I would get to celebrate the occasion not at work for once. Then I realized I had to cancel all my sponsors #andmyheartbroke #worstcallsever #andihavecallanxietyremember

Still, I'm trying to look at the bright side #moretimeforblogging

The only good thing about work right now is that we get to go to Las Vegas for convention soon! Eeeeee! I think it will be really good as the whole office is going and we all need to blow off some steam after the nightmare that the last two weeks have been #whathappensinvegas #oncompanydollar

All the work stress had led to a lot of stress eating. Like the two batches of cookies I've baked in the last two weeks and that loaf of pizza bread I may have eaten all by myself this weekend and the chips and cookies.  I really need to get it under control before I gain 10 lbs before Vegas and the holidays #muststopeating #ohlookfood!

I had a long list of winterizing items to take care of this weekend in my yard. It was all part of my fall bucket list. Guess how many I got done? Zero. Guess what happened Monday? It snowed #FML #icanneverdoanythingright #toolatenow

Speaking of snow can I just say how much I hate it when it comes before Thanksgiving? I think I would be ok with it if it managed to happen in what I deem the "holiday season" but we aren't there yet. That's after Thanksgiving.  But there's white stuff already. And it's cold #whinybitchpartyofone #atleastihaventhadtoshovelyet

And just a couple of teasers for you to look forward to... drum roll please... Tomorrow you can laugh it up with my attempt at fashion blogging for the amazing Wear to Where blog tour hosted by Angelica and Katy! Plus coming up as a possibility for your main man's holiday gift - my DIY boudoir shoot tips that I'll be sharing over at Hey Kerri Blog! #iknowyourepeeingyourpantsyouresoexcited

 Confessions are the best aren't they? Get more bang for you buck and go link up with Kathy, Nadine, Alanna and Plucky! #youknowyouwanna

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So many lovely ladies to party with! Don't forget to link up with us too! Though we be a small link-up, our #hashtags are mighty!

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  1. i just realized i need to get a blog button for these linkups but i'm too lazy to make one :(

    oh, it's also supposed to snow this week and i nearly cried when i heard the forecast!!!

  2. oh my god I read the word snow + immediately wanted to cry for you

  3. Usually I'm nodding my head and agreeing with you the whole time, but I love snow and I'm so sad we haven't had any yet :( Hopefully we will get some soon!! (My sympathies for your work situation- it sucks when the place where you spend most of your time is filled with tension.)

  4. Um no to snow. Are you serious?? I can't even imagine. We hate snow in Atlanta because we suck at it. It's officially holiday season, everyone will be packing a few extra pounds the next few months. Enjoy those cookies. With how crazy your job is right now, they sound like a necessity.

  5. I want snow for Thanksgiving since I am forced to take two days off with no pay because I'm a contractor. Might as well be snowed in!! It's so not happening in Atlanta though. I am eating all the things too so you are in good company!

  6. I agree with the Grinch & you about the snow - I hate it that much as well. Luckily, here is Wisconsin, we haven't had any yet & I'd like to keep it that way. *knocks on wood*

  7. Oh my god, I totally want to see those DIY boudoir tips! Where in Vegas are you having your convention? Hotel or convention center?

  8. Give me two batches of cookies right meow! AND yaaaayyy for #HashtagHumpday party time!

  9. Girl this post had me cracking up with all the GIFs! Ugh how annoying that work is being a pain in your ass, but I hope you guys blow off steam in Vegas and what better way then on the company's dime right?! Also, pizza bread....YUM!!! Also I'm with Myra, I'll take a batch of cookies too, lol!!

  10. Woo hoo for Vegas! I've been a few times and each time I'm so ready to go home by the end but I'm starting to get that itch again haha!

  11. Oh bummer. That's so hard about work. July was the roughest work month for me, glad to be moving past it some. Vegas on the other hand sounds awesome. We get to pick a conference for PD time, but I haven't figured out what I want to go to yet. : / The hubby is going to SF in April for his, I think I'll tag along... ;) I would totally welcome the snow... but I am one of those strange winter people.. ;) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  12. Work can be such a drag sometimes, right?? Hopefully things will calm down for you. Yay for Vegas trips! That sounds like fun. And that Grinch gifs is one of my favorites to use for basically anything!!! I constantly quote that movie. Can you send some cooler temps my way please? It was hot as fuck here yesterday and I am beyond over it!

  13. I'm sorry work has been so hard! I hope y'all enjoy going to Vegas! We have our first snow in the forecast for Saturday-so crazy!

  14. I stress eat too. All of those people that lose weight when they are stressed out?!?! Good for them. Not me. I'm all about the cookies, ice cream, and donuts! Oh, and cupcakes...we can't forget cupcakes, can we?

  15. Vegas?! AW HAIL YEAHHHH! :D :D :D
    I stress eat, too. And happy eat. And tired eat. I CAN'T STOP EATING. lol

  16. I want snow.....I am in NO WAY prepared for it but I totally want it.

    Stress eating.....yeah I just call that eating now as stress has become my base level of existence.

  17. Ahh I'm so sorry work is so awful! So exciting that you get to go to Vegas though!