November 20, 2015

These are a few of my Favorite Things

What a week you guys, and not in a good way.

Thank you for the kind words and encouragement throughout, you friends, as usual, are always some of my favorite things! Special thanks to those of you popping over from Girl Talk and my guest post on being the perfect bridesmaid! 

When life get's us down the best thing we can do is pick ourselves back up and celebrate the good right? The past few days have been all about focusing on my "happy things," to combat the overwhelming emotion I seem to be having that is probably not warranted. Maybe I really am pregnant. It would explain all the crying. 

Anywho, here are some of my favorite things that made me happy this week!


I've said it before, and I'll continue saying it. I just want to be loved like a country song. This one is a perfect example.


I pulled an old one out of the recipe bag this week. Three ingredient pulled pork. Wow that was way back in the day for Life with Lolo! This is always a great recipe for lot's of food for the week. I like mine on top of a salad with chopped onions and bread and butter pickles (weird I know). Plus I'm using leftovers tonight for BBQ pizza!


What if Ben & Jerry's and New Belgium Beer had a baby. Oh wait, THEY DID! That's right Ben & Jerry's ice-cream flavored beer. It's limited edition. Go find yourself some stat!


I know some of you probably saw this on Instagram, but I got a goodies package from Angelica and it came at just the right time in my hell-hole of a week. Every little thing in it I love, and since it was a giveaway of her favorite things, it just reiterates how similar her and I are. We'd be besties IRL if she didn't live all the way over in Pittsburgh! 


I see these in everyone else's favorites so I thought I'd join the party. Also there's never been a week I needed a laugh more.

The love I feel for bloggy friends...

Feelings about work this week...

For about half the things I say...

My spending habit this week. Ooops.

Cats, forever and always...

I have got to do this :)(Y) - Funny Vines
Posted by Funny Vines on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My motto for life this week....

Happy Friday friends!
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  1. hahahaha adding the "haha" at the end. i once said something pretty bold (aka harsh) to someone's face and they looked at me with a butt-hurt look on their face so i legit said "um, LOL?" it was awkward.

  2. That beer!!!!! And did you really order a squirrel costume?!

  3. Hi I'm new around here! Found your blog through the comments on Kayla's My Kind of Yellow.

    Sorry to hear you've had a crummy week. Love your motto for the week though. Lessons are always best when learned from your dog in my opinion.

  4. I hope your weekend is amazing and then your next week is the freakin' best ever!!! xo

  5. Thomas Rhett was playing in my town last night but I didn't find out about it until it was too late to get tickets!

  6. Did I mention my man-friend is a beer distributor? Hahaha... go figure. He is now on a mission to find me that beer. I hope your weekend is better. No more crying! Hugs my friend!!

  7. Omg I am cracking up over those funnies, the diarrhea one's face is killing me!! That Thomas Rhett song has been on serious repeat for me girl, looooove it and love him!! Hope your weekend treats you better friend!!

  8. Wait wait wait wait wait. That ice cream is real?!?!??!?! I NEED IT!!!!!! Your funnies are cracking me up! I hope you enjoy your weekend and let's look forward to a short work week next week, am I right?!

  9. That beer sounds delish! I am going to hunt it down for the weekend!

  10. Ice cream flavored beer? That might just be a beer I can get behind..

  11. Did you try the cucumber with your cat?! I'm definitely going to try it with my mom's cats next week.

  12. OH MY GOSH THE SQUIRREL TEXT. I'm sitting here cracking up. That's a gem.
    I love that song by Thomas Rhett but I think it should've been filmed in the ghetto. Or even just a middle class American home. Like, no shit you'll die a happy man... you've got a hot girlfriend and a dog and HAWAII (or wherever it is...).

  13. Ice cream flavored beer? That sounds interesting! Laughed so hard at the squirrel text! I love the dog meme so much-so true!

  14. I love it when packages come at just the right time, and looks like you got some great stuff! Actually, who am I kidding? I love getting packages, period. That last e-card sounds like a pretty good life motto. And I definitely need to find that beer pronto- sounds delish! Hope you have a great weekend!

  15. There's also a beer ice cream by Ben & Jerry's, right?? I think...I don't know. Haha! I love the thing at the end about being a dog and kicking grass over that shit. So perfect.

  16. I don't even like beer but I would guzzle the SHIT out of some B&J flavored beer!!!

  17. WHY are the cats so scared of cucumbers and bananas?? I'm so confused!! I'm sorry to hear your week wrecked, lady xxx Sending love and good vibes (also will you please send me some ICE CREAM BEER! aah!)