January 20, 2016

#HASHTAGHUMPDAY | The one with the Boot

I know you are going to get sick of me talking about this damn boot and injury, but #sorrynotsorry. I've been lacking material around these parts so when life hands you lemons a bout on crutches you make blog lemonade, alright?

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Did you go get caught up with why I'm in a boot with crutches yet? Because that's key to confessions today. Long story short - volleyball, severe sprain, hating life.

Ok moving on.

I work in a barn. Or so I like to say. I work in the up stairs office space in horse arena that we use to house animals in during the Fair (so a barn). Key words here, UP and STAIRS. The thing of nightmares to people on crutches. Here's the fun part, no elevator... and... the only bathroom is downstairs #howisthisgoingtowork #doihavetogotoworkreally?

So enter me going back to work this week. I had to be helped up the stairs when I arrived. Ok, no biggie. But then I also need help going back down stairs to go to the bathroom. Nothing steals your dignity like having to ask a coworker to help you get down to the bathroom. Nothing. It's like being a three year old all over again #icanthandlethis #mortifying #drinknothingallday

I was given a special sock to wear in my boot. You are supposed to wash it. But when? And how if I can barely crutch my ass into the laundry room #smellyfootisjusteasier #hopeidontgetarash

I was going to get a pedicure this week #guessthatsnothappening

I was also supposed to go up to my Alma mater this weekend for an advisers meeting at the sorority. I just can't fathom crutching around all weekend, not at home, on a hilly campus though. It's still tentative, I mean I could suck it up, but really I'm not sure it's a good idea #netflixathomesoundsbetter #crutchesruineverything

I'm really trying not to be depressed about the whole situation. Good thing I can look at these and laugh right? #sortof #fakeittillyoumakeit

And that's it for this week. Hope you two legged folks are fairing better than me this week. Link up why don't ya!?

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  1. poor little hop along! how much longer do you have to wear the boot? also, I feel like there are some ADA code violations against no elevator in the building.....

  2. :( Do you know how long you'll need to be in the boot?

  3. I wish you could just stay home and recover and get paid! Well, if it was me that is what I would wish anyway. At least you got a post up, my lazy ass got my hair done and watched Netflix last night! Tomorrow!!! Feel better girl!

  4. Asking for help to do anything restroom-related is so sad... I'm really feeling for ya :( I'm sure you'll be up and mobile soon- keep your chin up!

  5. OOh man having to ask for help to go pee would stress me out. I go pee like 10+ times a day at work.

  6. Ugh girl I feel your pain! My injury was definitely more minimal than yours, but having to climb up and down the stairs would just be plain annoying to me! I'm with you on the whole staying in and watching Netflix, it's just more appealing :)!


  7. Stay home this weekend and recover sooner! It's maybe a meeting you can ask to be FaceTime'd in on!

  8. Oh no about the bathroom situation! I drink tons of water/coffee so I'm constantly back and forth to the bathroom. My coworkers would hate me in no time! Hahaha.

  9. Oh my gosh, help to the bathroom? That would make the day longer lol. I just started a new job where I don't have a key to the office, so I am trapped in here until I somehow manage to get a key, otherwise get locked out.

  10. Ugh having to deal with that boot and going to work just seems unfair!!! At least you can laugh a little, that is the spirit!!!

  11. You have snow right now, right? Crutching around in snow has to be awful! In high school, I had a run of torn ligaments, sprained ankles, and finally, an ankle break. I despised those crutches. I rubbed my armpit raw. I won't be mad at ya ... not at all ... for bitching about crutches.

  12. I would despise having to ask my coworkers to help me to and from the bathroom. I'd rather just hold it all day. Or crawl down the stairs. No thanks. Yikes.

  13. ugh this all sounds horrible! the bathroom thing would kill me, i pee like 20 times a day hahaha. hope it is better soon and you're back to two legs!

  14. Just commented on the other crutches post, so read that first but - we camped at the Carolina Rebellion concert (3 day weekend) in campers. Lets just say, getting up tiny camper stairs and through the tiny camper door on crutches? INSANE. (But at least, only three steps ha). And, I had to take a shower, but since there was just a camper shower (like not a bathtub where I could sit on the side and get undressed) - I had to undress, have my best friend help me hop into the shower on one foot, shower on one foot (exhausting actually) and then yell for her to help me hop back out. NO DIGNITY. Also, my mom helped me bath like three times the first week. NO DIGNITY. At this point, I look back, and just realize it was all training for when I pop a baby out one day lol.

  15. I have a question - are the horses there all the time or just when the fair is on? I feel like I'd get no work done if there were pretty horses to look at downstairs (and I'm not even a horse person haha). I'm terrible at asking for help so I don't even know what I'd do in your situation! Hopefully you heal super quick!