January 13, 2016

#HASHTAGHUMPDAY | Short and Sweet

Do you ever have those weeks where you turn around and it's Wednesday? I'm not complaining by any means, but it came around quick this week and I was a little less than prepared. Plus I actually have been preparing for something else, something exciting, that has sucked up some time this week.

Before we get into it, let me remind you you have a plethora of link ups to confess your face off to every Wednesday. #Hashtaghumpday with Lauren and I of course, Alanna for confessions as well as Plucky in Love, and then Kathy and Nadine! So much humpity-hump-day love!

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Like the title notes above, it's going to be short and sweet this week #likeachildbeautyqueen

I confess that I missed a confession last week. I had two jar catastrophes #damnthoseglassjars

First, I was at the health food store in search of organic and sugar free spaghetti sauce #theunicornofsauces and made may way to the Italian aisle. I picked up a jar from the bottom shelf, squatting to read the label. Somehow it slipped out of my hand and the 12 or so inches between it and the ground were enough to explode the jar all over the floor of said health food store. Of course a store employee was only a few feet away and witnessed the destruction. I was covered in marinara and not in a good way. I was petrified. I literally could not move in my embarrassment and mumbled sorry over and over until they brought me paper towels to clean myself up #somuchsauce #thatswhatshesaid

Of course the nice ladies at the health food store were nothing but sweet and helpful and here I was choking on my words and wondering if the sauce would come out of my new workout pants #thestrugglewasreal. I thought I was done with jars for the week but no, the horror returned a few days later. I made a second trip to the store to find some pickles for my turkey burgers. I settled on a small jar of zesty garlic "surfboard" pickles. As I made my way into my house with my bag of pickles and about 3 other items the jar decided to burn right through that plastic back on a mission to the linoleum floor in my laundry room. And once again I was faced with the horror of shattered glass and now, the smell of pickles. I can definitely say there are worse smells #stillsuckstohavetocleanitup #buyingplasticjarsonlyfromnowon

Also, being the cheap ass I am, I pulled the 10 second rule and packed up the save-able pickles in a plastic bag #iaintwastingnopickles

I promptly found a piece of glass while I ate my burger with pickles later than night #FML #shreddingmyinsides

And that turned into a way longer story than I expected for my jar confessions. I'll leave you with the fact that I dress for the dog park as if I were visiting the -10 degree Arctic Tundra. I don't care if it's actually 29, it's cold and I hate it. I make a point to cover as much as possible and wear my scarf over my face like a weirdo. I'd wear a hat but it would mess up the hair #idontdocold #noskinshowingwhatsoever

I promise to fill you in on the details once this little thing of mine goes through. Keep your fingers crossed for my would ya?

Oh and link up. Thanks! Happy Hunmpday friends!

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  1. It's a good thing you are not drinking right now because surely you would drop a full beer! This week is flying by for me too! Yay... I want day 15 so badly right now.

  2. Oh geez... I've only had a jar break on me once and it was in India while walking home from the grocery store (which was 1.5 miles away). It sucked and we looked stupid because we cleaned it up (the glass) even though everyone just throws trash on the ground there. (I couldn't handle leaving trash/glass on the sidewalk.) I bundle up just like you for all dog walks or outside activities that last longer than 20 seconds!

  3. Hahaha oh man girl stay away from glass! But really I would have done the same damn thing and saved as many pickles as possible. #becauseobviously. Spring can also come along any day now...Chicago January weather is the absolute worst. Waaaa.

  4. Oh my gosh! You poor thing. That's horrible. :( I hope your luck turns around and you have no more jar catastrophes!

  5. I hate when that happens and twice in one week is rough. At least only one was in front of people!

  6. I would definitely stay away from glass jars for awhile! haha

    I burst out laughing that you saved the pickles - I would have done the same thing because I'm so cheap!

  7. Glass in the pickles would mortify me, who even cares about the store scene because I bet that happens all the time! Also, how does one become covered in marinara 'in a good way'? I'm intrigued.

  8. When I worked at a grocery store in HS, someone dropped a bottle of soy sauce. That shit was POTENT. Sauce or pickles is a way better option. And no shame in the pickle saving game!

    I'm so glad we have a backyard for business and running. I can shower and get ready while the dogs take care of what they need to. Granted, it's more like 40 degrees here in the morning, but still too cold to be standing outside dog watching.

  9. OMG things always break from like 2 inches from the floor, meanwhile you could hurl something off a 4 story building and it would be perfectly fine. And girl, I do that with food, too. #IPaidForThisYoImGoingToEatIt

    Also, the cold sucks. I will bundle up like none other, but refuse to wear a hat. #DontMessWithMyHair

    Good luck on your "thing"! I can't wait to hear about it!!

  10. Glass jars should be illegal! I've dropped a jar of pasta on the carpet during a food drive at work before (another addition to my embarrassing moments at work) and it was awful!!

    Good luck on your exciting thing!

  11. bahahah I love that you look like a creeper with your scarf over your face. I'm that crazy person who stands around with my coat partially zipped and no hat when it's this cold. I just hate to be hot, so I'd rather underdress than over.

  12. Damn you've had bad jarma this week. Get it? I'm a dork, I know. Here's to no more breakage.

  13. oh no to the jars. that's the worst. at least the first one was at the store and you didn't have to clean it up. haha jk. i dropped a huge jar of quinoa in my pantry once. that was fun. i'm still finding little bits of quinoa everywhere, its ridiculous.

  14. Oh my gosh, you are covered! It actually is -7 here & that's not including the wind chill. It's cold!

    As for the war between you & the jars - wow. I know it's not funny but it is & then to have a piece of glass in your burger! Ugh! I think the jars are out to get you!

  15. I think you look really cute all bundled up for the dog park. You know, Australia has opposite seasons, so it's summer here. Today, it's high of 97*. Sweating profusely while spending time with the dogs is no joke either.

  16. Oh my gosh! I'm pretty sure I would have burst into tears if that happened to me at the grocery store. So scary that you ended up with a piece of glass on your burger after the pickle ordeal!

  17. Cant wait to get the deets on what you are working on! How exciting!

    I have broken things before by accident. It is always when tons of people are around and all the stares. The horror!

  18. I HATE THE COLD TOO. I am no Elsa, the cold very much so bothers me.

  19. At least you didn't drop the second jar at the same store so you could be know as the jar girl. Not yet anyways.

  20. ugh rage. that happened to me as well - dropped a whole jar of pickles right before i had to leave for work!! and i would have done the same (save the saveable pickles!). nothing a little water can't wash LOL

  21. Your dog park selfie makes me think of the photo that floats around in winter about living in place that hurts your face. And the 10 second rule was definitely in effect for a whole jar of pickles! No one can afford to throw away a whole jar of pickles.