April 27, 2016


This is my sixth week in a row doing only #hashtaghumpday posts #sorrynotsorry
(ok maybe a little sorry)

Before we get into it, let me remind you you have a plethora of link ups to confess your face off to every Wednesday. #Hashtaghumpday with my partner in crime Lauren and I of course, Alanna for confessions as well as Plucky in Love, and then Kathy and Nadine! So much humpity-hump-day love!   

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I have put off going to the grocery store for three days straight now #sorrynotsorry

I used an Influenster coupon and then didn't get around to actually blogging about it or sharing on social media. Oops #sorrynotsorry #sendmebetterstuff

I'm having a hard time caring about stuff from my old job (yes I'm still employed there) and have zero desire to help them put out fires #sorrynotsorry

I did zero socializing this weekend other than my softball game. It was me, food, movies, the couch and about 10 trips to Home Depot, that's it #sorrynotsorry

I find it strange that weekends when the BF is gone are those types of weekends but when he's around I can't wait to get out of the house. Which is funny because he's the homebody #sorrynotsorry

The weekend included homemade buffalo chicken pizza. I ate half in one sitting #sorrynotsorry

I'm counting down till after my dermatologist appointment so I can finally lay in a tanning bed after the fact #sorrynotsorry #onlyacoupletimesipromise

I feel like I'm getting nothing accomplished at work but it's because of the swirling pile of....clustering disorganization around me that makes it impossible. So I've stopped trying so hard #sorrynotsorry #justfurstrated

Someday I'll be better. For now I'm just me #sorrynotsorry

This post might have been a bit of a cop out this week #sorrynotsorry

Happy Humpday!

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  1. when it's weekend time, i avoid socializing as much as possible! i have to talk so much at work that i'd rather be a mute when i'm at home. bitches need to decompress!

  2. Girl I live and die by "#sorrynotsorry I didn't do that" right now. Sometimes the best weekends are weekends when you do absolutely nothing and just laze all day.

  3. I'm going to the dermatologist Tuesday. The nurse always gets on my ass for laying in a tanning bed, pisses me off. Fun fact: I haven't been in a tanning bed in 2 years. Hurts my back, I'd love to be in a tanning bed!

    And I would kill for a weekend of no socializing, people are really starting to annoy me. And having to have a pleasant disposition 24/7 is taking a toll on my sanity. #morewineplease

  4. I have done that more than once with an Influenster item. Or I will just tweet about it and not even think about anything else.

  5. I love the tanning bed but I never go anymore cause it kills me to spend the money lol. I find it oddly relaxing though. Good to see you here, I am about on the same schedule as you right now. Oh well...

  6. Ohhhh homemade buffalo chicken pizza??? Yum!!!!! I hate when Influenster just sends a coupon for a % off and not a free item or free coupon. I dont even bother with it then,. Why should I pay to review something??

  7. I am totally guilty of the influenster thing....I finally did the hillsbroscoffee thing today but it was only grudgingly and because occasionally I get good stuff....but never the makeup stuff which is what I really want!

  8. I love all of these cuz they are all things that I would not be sorry for especially the sitting around all weekend one...I could actually use one of those weekends.

  9. Oh my gosh I want buffalo chicken pizza now! ;)

  10. I don't think you have to blog about what influenster gave you as a coupon. You still had to pay money for it! If they send you free things it's your job but not until then! :)

  11. I literally just tweeted that the saga of my life is finding how long I can put off going to the grocery store with having nothing in my cupboards. This morning I ate stale cereal and finally caved after work.