April 28, 2014

Weekend with Whitney!

I had an absolutely wonderful weekend, and I hope you did too.

Mine was full of entirely too much food, too many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, a little too much alcohol and NOT enough time with my best friend who came to visit, Whitney.
This was Whitney and my first weekend together, in Seattle where we became fast friends.
Whitney got into town late Thursday and we just sat and talked for hours. I got to bed late, but that was fine because I took Friday off work to hang with her.
We kicked the weekend off right with Bloody Maries and breakfast and this local cafe called Bacon. Yes BACON. They have bacon Bloody Maries and yes, they are as good as they sound. We also tried several strips of different bacon varieties they had, along with our breakfasts. I'd say it was bacon overload, but really I don't think that exists.
We followed breakfast with a trip to the Idaho Vandal Store so Whitney could stock up on gear from our Alma Mater, and then hit Trader Joe's (my first time!) for some goodies to make homemade pizza with.
That's Whitney and my thing - making pizzas. The more unusual the better. I wish I had taken pictures of our strawberry balsamic chicken and bacon pizza and our pesto ham and veggie pizza, but I was too busy eating them... 
And even though I didn't think my Friday could get any better, we capped the night off with the Broadway show Wicked that is playing here in Boise. I have been waiting YEARS to see this musical and I finally got to! It was every bit as amazing as I expected. 
Saturday I made quiche for breakfast with some of the pizza topping leftovers we had. We did a little shopping and then headed to friend's house party where we learned how to play "mega-rut" a multi table style beer pong game of sorts. It was fast pace and fun, and resulted in a few too many beers. We finished the night up going to the Ram for dinner and drinks and I can't remember a night in a long time with so much laughter. 
Sunday was a rainy, lazy day, other than grabbing drinks with my parents and soaking up a little of last nights indulgence with some much needed pasta at Olive Garden. As if I hadn't consumed enough calories already this weekend... But hey, I was on staycation ok?
Then we said our good byes and Whitney headed back to Tri Cities. I wish she could come every weekend--but then weekends like this wouldn't be as special, and I might gain 100 lbs.

Every minute, bite and drink is so much sweeter with your best friend!

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