April 16, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy hump day people!

This week I'm changing WILW up a little (gasp!).

For each thing I am loving, I'm going to include something I'm NOT loving in relation to it.

An excuse to whine? Maybe. But please bear with me.

Loving/Not Loving -
L: I am loving that I am back on track trying to go to the gym, run or at least walk Gunner every day.
NL: I am not loving that the lat pull downs and rows have left my arm-pit surrounding muscles in agony, resulting in the inability to raise my arms above my head. Volleyball could be interesting tonight...

Pretend that's me...

L: That Gunner and Ted are still besties. I thought the initial infatuation with each other would wear off, but they still are constantly playing, cuddling, or driving me crazy together.
NL: Gunner has something wrong with his eye. It looks extremely bloodshot all around his iris. This could be the cat's doing... or the bark from the dog park....or allergies. Still it means a vet trip and a vet bill. Ugh. Poor pup.
L: That I have created 3 new dishes/treats this week - Avocado Turkey Burgers, Chipotle Chicken Pasta and Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip (and tried out 3-2-1 mug cake!)
NL: That I am a terrible about A) photographing B) documenting and actually going by a recipe C) being a good blogger in general when it comes to the kitchen. So much to offer, so little effort in doing so...here are some recipes that are similar via Pinterest:

L:How Game of Thrones ended this week. Spoiler alert - King Joffrey dies. He is the most cruel character in the show and I am thrilled to see him go. (sorry I know I used GOT last week too!)
NL: Now that the King is dead I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. And I have to wait till Sunday. Boooooo.
The beginning of King Joff's choking/poison death scene - much more PG than his final blood-leaking face.
Did you know I got WILW from my sorority sister Samantha over at Everyday with S & J? Go check out her blog! Best thing about it? She's expecting! And I am loving that! 

That's all she wrote folks! TTFN.

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