April 14, 2014

Saturday well spent - Spring Planting!

I got some spring planting done this weekend!
This weekend was on of my favorite weekends of the year because it was Fred Meyer Fuchsia Saturday.

Here's my load. You can see some of the planted pots towards  the back.
 If you did not know, Fred Meyer hosts an event one Saturday each spring in which they have a big sale on plants AND THEY PLANT YOUR POTS FOR YOU! Including free soil!

Naturally I take advantage of this perk, plus it is a fun way to kick of spring planting and get your pots all set up. It is always a busy event, it is fun to see what other people are planting and you don't have to get the dirt under your own nails.

So I did have the friendly Freddy's folk plant my front porch pots, but I saved my back planters for myself. Partly because I ran out of time, and partly because the guy who did my pots did man-handle a couple of the plants - I'd rather have control for these bigger planters anyway.

The good news is it allows me to share some great tips with you!

TIP 1. When using large pots like mine, it is best to fill the bottom of the pot with something light and drain-able. I chose to use some things I pulled from my recycling - soda cans and bottles etc. You can also use packing peanuts or even the plastic containers that your annuals come in (place upside down so they don't fill with soil/water). Filling the bottom of the pot with air essentially, allows you to use less soil ($$$ saver) AND it makes the pot much lighter and easier to move around.

TIP 2. Mix soils. I had both an all purpose organic soil, and Miracle Grow Potting Mix. I filled up my pots about 1/2 of the way (on top of my bottles) with the regular soil, then did a layer of Miracle Grow (they layer which your plants are actually planted in), and then topped/filled in the remaining space of the pot with the regular soil once my plants were in place. Sorry - no good photo here.
These are my pots with the organic soil and then Miracle Grow on top  - just before planting

TIP 3. This one you may know - but it is the BEST tip for arranging plants in your pots. Taught to me by my planting guru mother, the best way to arrange your pots is with a THRILLER, a FILLER and a SPILLER. Heard that before? Even Fred Meyer had some signage up explaining. Here is a good little info graphic:

Here are a few of my favorites for each:
  • Thrillers - Spikes, Angelonia, and Ranunculus
  • Fillers - Petunias, Superbells, Pansies, Geraniums, Impatiens
  • Spillers - Alyssum, Sweet Potato Vine, Wave Petunias

Can you spot my thrillers, fillers and spillers in my cart?

Now I have beautiful potted plants on both my front and back porches! (sorry front not shown)
And I earned a lazy Sunday with these cuddle bugs.

Have you done your spring planting? What are your favorite tips and tricks?

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