April 30, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Hump Day y'all.
Not going to lie - struggling a bit with what I'm loving this week (insert yawn). But with a quick brainstorm I think I have a few :)

I am loving that it is going to hit 80 degrees on Friday! The rest of the week is supposed to be beautiful and I can't wait to soak up some sun!
I am loving that my coworkers have turned me on to, and support my addiction to Sonic Happy Hour and Diet Cherry Limeades. We've already gone once this week and with warm days in the forecast it won't be the only trip.
I am loving that starting next Monday, James and I are starting a "challenge" month and are going to stick to clean healthy diets for all of May. I RRREEEALLY need to get back on the wagon as far as eating healthy, and having him on board for support and accountability will be great.
(side note, the fact that I have to plan, cook and package all our meals is the part that will suck).
Lastly - though not completely loving because he also uses it to irritate me, I am entertained by James' new laser pointer. Bought for the cat, but now used as the primary toy for both Ted and Gunner, it makes our nights a little more entertaining. My favorite is using it to spin the dog in circles until he's so dizzy he can't walk. I know it makes me a bad dog-mom but it's pretty comical.
You can sort of see the laser dot in my hair to the left of my face...
What are you loving this last day of April? Can you believe it's May already?!
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