May 1, 2014

Cat Problems

 So as some of you may know, I'm a new cat-mom.

We James brought home this bundle of joy as my early birthday present March 21st. Meet Ted.

Now I've had cats my entire life. So I thought I knew what I was in for. I guess it has been about 18 years since I had a kitten, so maybe I just forgot how infurrrrrriating they can be. (see what I did there, ha)

I still sort of believe he's the devil in a cute little package...

Anywho here are the issues with my little ball of love:

1. Night time. Our first strategy was to lock him out of the bedroom because he and the dog play, make noise, and mostly jump around the bed when in there together. Enter HOWLING from outside the bedroom door. Now this doesn't last too long any more, but any concerned pet owner knows, it breaks your heart. All the little baby wants is someone to sleep with.
So eventually I gave in. Now he sleeps in my armpit. Seriously. So the issue of being too warm, and not being able to move for fear of waking him up is what I deal with. I think I'm going back to locking him out.

2. Drain Plugs. He loves to pull these suckers out of the sinks. Then they mysteriously go missing, and make a huge mess in the sink from him messing with it. I've gone to pulling up the stopper to put them down so he can't get to them, but half the time I forget...

Here he is looking all innocent, before he pulls out the plug

3. Counter Tops. He can now get on the kitchen counter without a chair for assistance. Not sure this one needs any explaining but - he is already ALWAYS on the kitchen table while we try to eat. Now I get him as my helper while trying to cook. Cute? Not when he's into everything and meowing at you if you don't give him attention.
4. Attack Mode. 9 times out of 10 this is what you will find him in. My arms and legs are full of little Ted scratches. He plays rough. He plays mean. And nothing seems to stop him. I just feel bad for the dog who literally gets his face pounced on when coming around the corner. He's such a patient big brother. Although Gunner picks him up by the head and drags him around - I sort of can't blame him, because I pick him up by his scruff when he starts getting vicious. Gunner is just doing the same damn thing.

Caught mid attack - poor Gunner

Sometimes he bites himself - that kind of biting is ok
Now for all the negatives, he does have a couple indearing qualities. He's cute, obviously. Also, for that 1 time out of 10 that he's not in attack mode, he likes to snuggle. His favorite place to sleep - is ON YOU. It's kind of adorable. Especially when he does it on James' lap..or anyone's lap..or on my chest. It just goes to show he does love us - maybe he just needs grow out of his crazy kitten phase?

You still can't help but love the little monster though.

Do your cats/pets do anything to drive you crazy? How do you deal?

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  1. Awwwwwwww look at the little kittay!!!! So stinking cute!!! We got a kitten last year, but unfortunately Chris's allergies were just so bad we had to find her a new home. I was convinced she too was the devil reincarnated because holy hell that cat was bad bad bad. But she was just so damn cute...and sweet when she wanted to be. She tormented the crap out of my dogs though, so it was almost a relief that we did have to give her up. I am fairly confident Mac was never going to be ok with her.

  2. SO adorable! I had a lot of these issues (especially the scratching/biting) with my cat Pumpkin when she was a kitten. She has grown out of the crazy phase for the most part. Having her declawed (front claws only) also helped as she got much less crazy after that and she also stopped using us as scratching pads. She still likes to bite sometimes but she only does it as she thinks it's a form of playing and thankfully, she doesn't do it often.

    Good luck! :)

  3. so cute! congrats on the new little fur baby :)

  4. LMFAO... that action shot is the best! I swear our dog is a terror, too. They're lucky they're so cute, aren't they?! :)

  5. And now I need a kitty.

    Time to convince hubs. Step #1: show him pictures of Ted on repeat. ;)

  6. That's why he's extra cute! To make up for the bad. Trish - tales from trish

  7. Oh holy mother of cuteness overload - what an adorable little ginger monster! I have 3 cats that I got as kittens all at the same time. I'm SO lucky because none of them play rough. I get more scratches from my dogs (as a reminder to cut the dogs' toenails) than the cats. They do like to sleep with us, but I kinda love that. Only one of them gets on the kitchen counters. Water spray bottles are good deterents for that.

  8. Our fur baby did a lot of the same stuff when she was a kitten. After we got her fixed, she calmed down a bit. She'll be 3 in March, and she's calm for the most part. She just sleeps and cuddles a lot, but she does have her crazy energy sparks here and there where she sprints around the house causing racket, but she has calmed down a lot.

    If you're interested, you can meet her here.


  9. Oh my gosh he is SO STINKIN' CUTE! I love that action shot with him and Gunner! It sounds like Ted has a feisty personality but would you really want it any other way? :) I love that he sleeps in your armpit. I bet that's the happiest place in the world for him :)

  10. he is so freaking cute! i have 3 cats, i know i just said that lol, but yeah we had cats growing up so i thought i knew what to do. the 1st and 2nd were easy as pie, the 3rd was so infuriating that it almost drove us crazy. she meowed all night, no matter if she was locked out, in a different room or in the same room. she still meows sometimes but it's soooo much better, we've had her over a year now so about time lol. but yeah. they really do some annoying things sometimes lol

  11. Super cutie. Kittens are definitely a handful. Acutally, so are cats. Mine has a bit of an attitude problem as most cats do. She is a big fan of a breakfast wake-up call anywhere between 430-6 AM. Her favourite activity is eating plastic bags. hahaha

  12. This sounds exactly like our cat!! She is about a year older than yours and she is SO much better now! She used to attack us constantly and it's now just a couple times a day haha. We alsp got a spray bottle to keep her off the counters and now she stays clear away from them.

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