May 20, 2014

6,350 miles

So I wrote a post yesterday about tips for first time home-buyers. I had it all done and scheduled and about 10:30 last night decided it was crap. So I reverted it back to draft.

Thus the randomness of this post.

As I was driving to work today I was thinking of all the miles I have driven since starting this job; all the time it has consumed.

It got me wondering how many miles and how much time actually has been spent, and furthermore what the math of other parts of my life looks like.

So let’s take a look shall we?

I drive 50 miles a day for work. 25 there and 25 back. I started this job on November 11 of last year. Taking into account some holidays and travel, I have driven to work 127 days so far.

127 days  x 50 miles = 6,350 miles on the Saturn,

It takes me a half hour there and back, so an hour each day.

127 days  x 1 hour = 127 hours of my life, that’s 5.3 days.
Don't worry, no appendages were chewed off...yet

This is all since November, only 6 months on the job. It also does not take into account travel for meetings, errands and other work related driving.

Alright, while I’m in the counting business, let’s do a few more.
James and I will have been dating 3 years and 4 months as of tomorrow.
That’s approximately 1,236 days.

I’m 26 years and 51 days old.
That’s approximately 9,541 days.

In other news and math relations, I’ve finally got my act together and bought the things I need to make a skinny iced chai at home. One 16 oz costs me $3.95 at the coffee hut I stop by on my way to work.

The chai concentrate was $3.48 and the unsweetened vanilla almond milk was $2.88. That’s $6.36 total, less than the price of two coffee hut drinks. I will be able to make 4-5 chai lattes from the above.
The difference looks like this...
Coffee shop $ 19.75 (1 for $3.95) vs. home for $6.36 (1 for $1.27). 
Plus they are even better with the vanilla almond milk than the low fat stuff at the coffee place! I  use this oh-so-seasonal cup to take my new homemade concoction to work.
yup, pink straw and all

Ok I think that was all a little overkill.

Recap – I’ve driven A LOT and spent A LOT of time in my car for work. And I can save money by making chai lattes at home.

The end.

TTFN friends – do your math, I’d love to hear the numbers!
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