May 5, 2014

Color Me Rad 5k

I really need to start blogging on the weekends. This weekend was so jam packed of stuff I'm going to have to do 3 posts to cover it - seriously. So here's #1.

This weekend I participated in the Color Me Rad 5k here in Boise.

I signed up with a friend using a Livingsocial deal (every girl loves a discount!), and was pumped to get our Rad on. A few days later the friend told me she had to go out of town and couldn't go anymore. She kindly offered to give her paid registration to anyone I could find to take her place. I asked everyone on their mom I could think of and EVERYONE turned me down.
I decided two things - 1) I paid so I'm going regardless and 2) there will be no pitty party. Go solo and rock it.

I got there at the time I was supposed to (which was 45 minutes early and really didn't need to be that long). They had fun pump up music, dancing, give aways etc. to get everyone jazzed about the run. Part of the proceeds went to the Special Olympics here in town - so it was a double win. Then everyone migrated over to the starting line by there start times. I was in the later of the two.

Here's my pre-race selfie. Obviously lots of selfies in this post due to this being a solo adventure.
I started off strong and ran the first mile. Not going to lie there was some walking that happened in the last 2.1, but I did run a lot more than walking, so it was a win in my book. I think if I had had a running buddy I could have made it the whole time - but I need to stop making excuses.

Here's me post race with my goodies, thanks to the kind stranger I asked to take a photo.
After the race you group up and have a "color toss." They give everyone a pouch of color when you cross the finish line and that's what you throw. Most of your "color" of the Color me Rad comes from this part of the event. You can still see it's floatin' in the air a bit in this photo (the color is corn starch).
Here's the final coloring - thank you James for the backyard shot.
It was everywhere - and I mean EVERYWHERE.
I had a blast regardless of going by myself. It was RAD. Haha. Two things I would do differently for next time?
For sure go with friends - it would be more fun.
Not wear short shorts - chafing. I won't go into detail.
Anyways that was just the start of a really great weekend! More to come on our hike to Tablerock and my Sunday meal prep!

Have you ever done a color run? I'd love to hear your take!



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