September 19, 2014

E U R O T R I P | Part 1


Remember that whiny, depressed, life hating bitch girl from yesterday? Good. Me either. Because Friday's are happy and I refuse to let her back in this space.

I have decided that I really want to share my post-grad Eurotrip with blogland. So, WELCOME ABOARD for this little photo-clad  trip down memory lane! (scroll all the way to the end for all the pics!)

Here’s the general overview: After graduation I “back-packed” Europe with two of my best girlfriends as my graduation gift from my parents. We did 8 cities in 3 countries over 21 days.

Girls on a plane

While I could bore you all with the details and places we went every day, we both know that is a painful, unnecessary thing to do.  

Instead I am going to share with you the FUNNIEST parts of our trip. Because really, that’s where/when the memories were made!

Part 1 of  E U R O T R I P: Switzerland

In Interlaken, Switzerland we went out to the one bar in town, after a long day of canyoning. They were having two for one drinks…. I could probably end the story there, but let’s continue. (Watch a VIDEO OF CANYONING)

Night out in Switzerland

The bar was having some kind of dress-up event and although I got the feeling several of the dressed up individuals were gay men, we had no trouble finding the straight ones. By the end of the night the 3 of us had 3 make-outs under our belts, and one of us didn’t kiss a guy at all – I’ll let that one sink in…

Night out in Switzerland
See my stack of beer cups already? And they were BIG beers... ugh

I made it a point to call out our canyoning guide, dance ridiculously and sing the American party songs at the top of my lungs without abandon. I will claim my (one) make out sesh with a buff Swiss man who could speak no English other than to tell me he liked my hair. I proceeded to get WAAAAAY too intoxicated, thus the poor choices already indicated.

By the time we headed back to the hostel we all are adorned with ridiculous costume items – me a boa (which I still have) and Jessie in an elephant headband. Katie had been asked to go para-sailing so I think she wins the take-aways.

Night out in Switzerland
No, that's not who I made out with (I don't think)

Belligerent me was furious that my friends made me leave the bar and my buff Swiss make out partner and I made sure to scream at them about going in the wrong door at the hostel (which I was RIGHT about, I will point out).

Night out in Switzerland
See pissed off me trudging ahead angrily?
We got up to our shared hostel room and got ready for bed – a room we shared with a family of 3

Not only did Drunk Laura make scene getting ready for bed, open and close the window several times, and put her pajamas on backwards – but sometime in the middle of the night Drunk Laura FELL OFF HER TOP BUNK

It was loud, obvious and I am sure I cussed. Don't worry the "family" was all adults...

While I don’t remember any of this, I think it was quite a shock to the family staying with us, and quite hilarious to my girlfriends.

I woke up with some stiffness and a sore shoulder and not the faintest idea of why. But the best part of the following morning was finding a condom on the trunk of Jessie’s elephant headband and not knowing how that got there. Sure, I ain't proud of the drunken idiot I was that night, but it is a memory the three of us (and our poor roommates) will have for a lifetime.

Please note why above story lends itself well to my current challenge, Sober 'till October!

And, let me fill you in on some advice, GO TO SWITZERLAND!!! I am so glad Jessie convinced me to visit this beautiful country - it was beyond words.  Back your bags and get there my friends, you won't regret it. (I wish I had more pics!)

Zermatt, Switzerland
There was this beautiful little chapter up at the summit viewing area for the Matterhorn

Interlaken, Switzerland
The view from our hostel window in Interlaken
Swiss Cow
Swiss cows have real COW BELLS!

Zurich, Switzerland
Pretty fountain area in Zurich
Matterhorn, Switzerland
The real life Matterhorn!

Zermatt, Switzerland
Zermatt was the amazing mountain town at the base of the Matterhorn

Matterhorn, Switzerland
The view of the Matterhorn from town

Canyoning Interlaken Switzerland

Canyoning Interlaken, Switzerland
I nailed it.
Canyoning Interlaken, Switzerland
The three amigos in our canyoning gear. That's glacier water, FYI

Canyoning Interlaken, Switzerland
Our fun group!
Swiss chocolate
Swiss Chocolate.

Lausanne, Switzerland
The paddle boat we rented in Lausanne,  had a SLIDE!
Lausanne, Switzerland
Lausanne,  marina

Stay tuned for next week’s installment when I talk Cinque Terre, Italy!

Want more? Here's PART 2 and PART 3!

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  1. That must have been such an amazing adventure! Ugh I want to visit Switzerland in the future but Germany is on my list for now :) SO what is Canyoning exactly? Lol. THE CHOCOLATES! I'd get fat just off of that. Lol Happy Friday Lauren! -Iva

  2. wow hahaha that story is HILARIOUS. so good. and Switzerland looks beautiful. I would looove to go to europe someday!

    - Leah

  3. This trip looked like sooo much fun, and those photos are gorgeous! Can't wait to see more :)

  4. I literally laughed out loud at the recap of your night out - too funny! I went to Switzerland in high school and loved it - its breathtaking! I need to get back there asap!