September 20, 2014

Things I'm Really Bad At

Last week/weekend I had some car trouble. Completely preventable car trouble, which led to me being chastised for not taking better of my car and scheduling regular maintenance. First off, I blame Jiffy Lube for not telling me that my battery was freaking exploding/eroding away my connections because it was pretty obvious if you opened the hood and I got my oil changed not too long ago. 

Anywho, I did get quite a slap on the wrist from the BF, and rightfully so, because it wasn't fair to make him fix it on a Saturday. But he did, thank goodness.

The whole fiasco made me realize I'm really not good at anything when it comes to cars. Like really bad. So I thought, what else am I really bad at?

+ I'm really bad at taking care of my car (see above)
+ I'm really bad at being patient
+ I'm really bad at going the speed limit
+ I'm really bad at keeping my house cobweb free
+ I'm really bad at motivating myself to go for runs
+ I'm really bad at flipping fried eggs without breaking the yoke
+ I'm really bad at cleaning bathrooms, it's not a gift of mine
+ I'm really bad at sending thank you notes in a timely manner
+ I'm really bad about washing my hair too often
+ I'm really bad at keeping house plants (orchids) alive
+ I'm really bad at budgeting and sticking too it 
+ I'm really bad at "going with the flow" - I like things planned and scheduled
+ I'm really bad at having just one drink
+ I'm really bad at being a home body and sitting around (I get fidgety)
+ I'm really bad at remembering to record my favorite shows
+ I'm really bad at having the will power to say no to eating out
+ I'm really bad at viewing something from someone else's perspective
+ I'm really bad at taking photos for fashion posts
+ I'm really bad at being productive at work (oops)
+ I'm really bad at Twitter (still not getting it)
+ I'm really bad at remembering to put on moisturizer and lotion
+ I'm really bad at "unplugging" and not checking my devices every few minutes
+ I'm really bad at keeping an organized closet/jewery/house in general

And since that got a little depressing here are a few things I am good at...

* I'm a good friend
* I'm a good cook
* I'm good at being a people pleaser
* I'm a good dog mom

Is there anything you are really bad at? Do you take care of your vehicle or let it slide like I did?

If only I had some $$$$ to buy a new car, problem solved!

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  1. I ALWAYS try to put off getting my vehicle fixed. Mostly because of the money. And partially because I like to think my car will run forever and the problem will magically go away (still hasn't happened yet). My husband gets a little angry about that last one though.

  2. Oh my god so many of these are me, too! Any type of cooking I'm terrible at. I also identify with not wanting to go for a run, driving under the speed limit, and being patient!!

    Thanks for linking me over!

    Uncustomary Art.