February 13, 2015

Valen-five Friday

It's Friday before a long weekend! Yippeeeeee!!!
This week's five are going to revolve around Valentine's Day, which, in case you are living under a rock and don't know, is tomorrow.

1 | My Blogmopolitan Quiz from Two Thirds Hazel
And now on to the Valentine goodies I would most like to receive.
 (Even though the BF has already given me my present because he has the patience of a 4 year old. Once it gets delivered he has to open it and can't wait till the holiday, which was the same for my Christmas present.)
2 | Flowers. I'm a sucker for flowers, any kind really. Especially if they get delivered to you at work.

3 | A spa/mani-pedi gift card. Because I like to get pampered.

4 | A candlelit dinner. Which will most likely never, ever happen.

5 | A day of watching all my favorite movies, snacking on popcorn and hanging in a living room lounge-fort. Sounds like the best day ever.

What are you hoping for this Valentine's Day?

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  1. A candlelight dinner followed by movies in a fort sounds amazing! I think we might do that tomorrow night {with the kids that cramp our vday style lol}

  2. Flowers and a home cooked dinner! That's what I'm wishing for. :)

  3. This was so cute! J surprised me once with a gourmet homemade candlelit dinner for my birthday once! It was so sweet! We don't really do Vday though. I'd be down with a pizza and some beer.

  4. I love your answers for the quiz! I forgot that was happening. Duh, Nadine!

    Every Vday I make homemade lasagna and we stay in. I love it! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. oh. a living room fort movie marathon sounds like the perfect date to me.

  6. Your best day ever is also my best day ever. Just add wine and I'm good!

  7. Your best date sounds perfect! Good thinking. Love your answers!

  8. Skylar Astin - nice call! I would definitely add him to my list. He's like a musical Josh Radnor.

  9. We have the same answer for knowing when you're in love! I'm also a sucker for flowers.

  10. OK, so we have a home theater and now I really want to hang up sheets from the screen to the couch. How awesome would that be??

  11. Yeah...I tried to have a movie night in a fort one time and it was such a fail because my husband hated it lol! So sad.

  12. Lol your boyfriend can't cook either huh? Mine tried once and we both decided it's best if we go out to eat and leave me to do the cooking since I actually enjoy it. Tonight I'm getting my much-anticipated grand birthday present and we're going out to dinner in DC at a Whiskey Bar since whiskey is my favorite <3. Hope you and your bf have a wonderful Valentine's Day Laura!! Take Care girl -Iva