March 16, 2015

Late as usual...

Actually it's NOT usual for me to be late, ever. I hate tardiness and I get extremely anxious if I'm not at least 5 minutes early to everything.  Blog posts are the only exception.

So here I am late, on a Monday, because it's Monday and I didn't blog over the weekend like I promised myself I would. That is the usual.

Also, per usual, I didn't take a whole lot of photos for a weekend recap. So instead of a recap you're getting more of a "random update." Thrilling stuff I know!

We are two weeks into #4WeeksFit and I actually feel like I'm making progress. I have attended 3+ bootcamp workout classes each week, plus tried to do something else active (hike or long walk) the other days so that I have at least 6 active days a week. I am making my FitBit steps more and more frequently! Diet is slowly getting there too. I had a little hiccup when I had the plague last week, but other than that no cheats other than on cheat days. Plus, even on cheat days I am counting calories and thinking about what I'm putting into my body!

I haven't been on a scale but I did take my measurements on Saturday. While they are not impressive, I'm pretty excited to be -1 inch around my belly! Plus I noticed today that my pants will not stay up. I'm taking that as a good sign! 

New Table
Does anyone else go out shopping for something with your significant other and come home with something completely different than what you were shopping for? (and much more expensive?). It seems to happen to us a lot. We went desk shopping on Saturday for my new computer/blog space in the office. While at the furniture store no desks were thrilling us so we wandered over to the dining department. Ten minutes later we were buying a dining set. Impulse buying is kind of our thing. This bad boy gets delivered on Friday and I can't wait for it to complete our main living area! It's going to be perfect!
Highlights of this weekend (besides the table) included several long sunny walks with Gunner, a basketball game with my parents on Friday night, lots of Say Yes to the Dress and a mini Game of Thrones marathon. We have to re-watch season four in preparation, only four more weeks till the season five premier!

And that's all I have. No green beer shenanigans or fun weekend events, just a laid back spring weekend!

What did you do this weekend?
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  1. Hey, progress is progress! I really love that dining room table and really need it in my new home. Don't be surprised if your shipping gets rerouted to my house :)

  2. I LOVE that table! I am obsessed with raised seating. pub tables forever y'all! also. those flowers are super pretty. look at you working out !! I'm so proud -- get it girlfriend !!

  3. I hate being late for anything but am always late with blog posts too! I get mega anxiety if I am late to something - I usually show up 15 minutes early and wait in the parking lot for a few minutes before going in haha

    I totally forgot to take my measurements at the beginning of March and don't know if I should now that we're over halfway through. I failed at that one - whooops

    I LOVE my new desk from Target. It's simple but serves its purpose. I didn't do anything for St.Patty's Day either but I just might have to have a green beer tonight!

  4. Love that table!! Looks a lot like ours. Congrats on being 4 weeks fit!! I need to get back in there but just can't with this damn ankle. BOOOOOO!! I was doing so good!!

  5. That table is perfection! No wonder you guys couldn't resist :) laid back spring weekends are my absolute favorite.

  6. Sounds like you are doing good with #4weeksfit!! Better than me! And I love that table!!! So awesome!!! Did you get the bench and chairs like above?!

  7. I LOVE THAT TABLE. The dark color of the wood and the raised chairs and ahh it's beautiful. It's nice buying something fully adult and feeling like you're doing it right.

  8. I can't wait to see pics of that table in your house! That looks like something similar to what my dad has in the sun room/breakfast room.

    I'm the same way with times, too! I HATE being late or even just right on the nose on time.

  9. Congrats on your #4weeksfit progress! And on the table - very nice choice :)