March 18, 2015


Today I'm getting really real here. I'm taking it to the next level with some body/personal confessions. So if you get grossed out or embarrassed about hearing some personal details, go ahead and exit out of this post and come back next week. Because shit's about to get real.

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Ok good. Now go say hi to my lovely co-host Lauren before we get into this... ok your back? Great, let's go -

Yesterday I went to the dermatologist for the first time in a very long time. Seeing a new doctor is always a joy pain for me because I have to recap all my health history, which is just barrel of fun.  I have a long history of weird skin issues so I got to revisit that and more #walkingskincondition #letsnottalkaboutit #youaren'tmyfirstdoctor

Have you ever had a full skin assessment at the dermatologist? It's something they recommend if you are fair skinned or your family has any history of skin cancer or even malignant moles. Since I have a few questionable dark spots I thought it might be a good idea. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I was naked and there were photographs taken #hopetheydontgetleaked #nudies #Ifeelviolated

A team of two people go over your entire body and measure every single mole, then put a sticker label by that mole and photograph it. Plus the doctor wanted a couple "full" shots of my front and back so we could keep track on new ones #itsnotapartytillyournaked #withstickersalloveryourbody

The good news is none of my gazillion moles are too threatening and she only wants to remove one of them as a precautionary measure. The bad news is that a mole check wasn't the only reason I was there #justwaittheresmore

I've also had a lot of trouble with ingrown hairs down below... which I have confessed before... and it's gotten particularly bad. So I thought she better take a look and give me some feedback. What I was NOT prepared for were two different cultures that were taken. One of one of the sores - not too bad - the other? UP MY NOSE. She stuck a wire thing longer than a pencil up both my nostrils #sherapedmynose #itwasaweful

They are testing for a Staff infection #holyshityuck. The worst part is if I do have it they also have to treat the BF just in case #hesgonnalovethat.

Ok and let's finish this with another, non doctor related confession...

Do you ever have a sudden on-come of needing to go. The kind where you need a bathroom RIGHT NOW or it's gonna get messy? Well Sunday that happened to me while walking Gunner - at the point that is the absolute farthest from our house we could be. It was the worst, most horrible feeling in the whole world and I contemplated going into random businesses or homes to ask if I could use the restroom. The good news is I clenched and made it home ok, even if I did have to run the last two blocks #thatwasacloseone #pleaseneverletthathappenagain #shithappens

Are you thoroughly grossed out by me now? Am I losing followers? Eh, this is the real me people, if you don't like it I'm not going to apologize!

Hope you had a green beer-full Saint Patty's Day!


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  1. okay I have a history of skin cancer + I've had probably a zillion moles removed + no one has ever taken pictures of my nakedness. so I don't k now what that's about. #sketchy

    also I never have like, that "oh I guess I need to pee soon" feeling. either I don't have to pee or I HAVE TO PEE RIGHT NOW. so I know that adventure too. #bathroomoversharesfordays

  2. You poor thing, that dermatologist visit sounds super uncomfortable! I pretty much just hate going to the doctor in general and put it off for as along as I possibly can, so not fun!

  3. Baahahaha This makes me love you even more!! Well, the last part. Clench and run!! Hope everything goes well with the skin testing!!

  4. Oh God... I'm back on the detox so I can relate to the needing to go thing. When you are doing a cleanse it can strike at anytime lol. Not fun!

  5. She raped your nose - - - and then I see the GIF - and I spit out my water. OH MAN - funny, but still kind of scary!!!

    And, I have had the got to go on the dog walk too - and It's ALWAYS at the furthest point from the house. It's a RULE! Glad you made it though - - or else it would have been a shitty situation - - heheheeh see what I did there?

  6. This is why I love you--because you keep it real! Haha
    I've definitely had those moments. Especially when I drink coffee and then decide to go for a walk/run/dog-walk.

  7. Getting naked and have the derm take pics of me was totally creepy. They removed a suspicious freckle from my upper arm that was completely innocent and now i have this huge scar on my arm. Right after the removed the stitches, the scab/imminent scar kinda looked like a butthole so now I call it my butthole scar. #skinwoes
    And don't feel alone on the junk bumps (downstairs). I'm still reaping the benefits of waxing not once but TWICE (#whothoughtthatwasagoodidea) and I get the worst ingrowns now that I refer to as BJBs (big junk bumps)... i hate being a girl.

  8. I hate having the doc look over my entire nakey body. Generally, I just stand and stare at the wall while praying time is not moving as slowly as it feels. Which is so funny, since I lack shame in everything. I even let a doctors intern watch my lady bit exam once. But standing buck ass it totally different.

  9. The wire up the nose thing makes me shudder. But I've been there with the dermatologist full-body check. I figure the awkwardness of the time it takes to complete the photo/check is worth it for peace of mind for 12 months. You know, until the next one.

  10. Those gifs line up perfectly with each confessions!!! I am dying! And ummm I have had a full body mole search and no pictures were taken of me. That is sort of weird? Maybe your doctor is just extra thorough? Either way...the whole appointment is awkward and I always put them off.

  11. Up your NOSE for ingrown hairs? Ugh, kill me.

    I hate being away from a bathroom when your stomach is like NOW. That's happened to me on the train too many times.

  12. OMG the hashtags in this are perfection! It's a shitty situation, but I love how you recounted the experience.

    And yeah, that happens....more than I like to admit. Usually I have too much coffee at work and traffic is torture.