April 30, 2015

Shedding Season

There's only two things I dread about spring - allergies and shedding season

Thankfully our friends at Chewy saved the day by sending us a FURminator Dual Brush to assist in the de-furring.
When you have a dog with a long coat, they always have fluffy undercoat that sheds really bad. FURminator products help you lift that coat out!

And Gunner knows when the box shows up - it's either treats, or toys, or both!

He was a little skeptical about the brush.

"Does it taste good? Can I eats it?"

After this though, I certainly wasn't! Here's the pile I had after about 10 solid minutes. Without the FURminator products I could never get this much off of Gunner!

Don't worry, there's still dog left. And more hair to brush out too!

The generous folks at Chewy also sent us some treats for testing purposes. It's really nice that they send goodies that are both dog and cat friendly! Since Kitty was out killing yet another vole in the yard (think mini mole), Gunner was the spokes model.

Professional stud right there.
I posed pretty, now "Gimme some Mom!"

I can always feel good giving treats we receive from Chewy. Primal Jerky Chicken Nibs were no exception, being grain free, gluten free, and organic! My pets eat better than I do...

Have you tried Chewy.com yet? I still say there's nothing better than your pet products delivered right to your door!

Oh and in the doggy spirit, I have a little wall art I've been working on. What do you think? Can you guess who it is....?

Happy Furry Friends Thursday!

He's kind of the star of the show, what can I say.
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  1. Funny story..my friend's (ex) boyfriend got her a furminator for her cat for Valentine's Day..how romantic ha!

  2. We love our furminator! Even though the boxers don't have the same type of coat, they do shed a TON and leave little boxer babies all over the house. We take them outside and furminate them, then they get their baths.

  3. Oh my gosh! That silhouette is so great!

    Yay for the furminator! Goldens are so sweet, but they have SO MUCH FUR!

  4. A) your painting is crazy-awesome and totally adorbs. B) Gunner looks so shiny and handsome! That Furminator is amazing. I don't have any REALLY fluffy friend, but I bet Clipper would be all about that for summers in Virginia.

  5. Shedding season is for sure in effect in our house! For a short haired dog our Luna girl has enough fur falling off her to make at least ten little shih tzu sized dogs like my little Kiya girl! I love the painting you are working on!

  6. Oh my goodness that's a LOT of fur!! Haha! So cute!!!!!

  7. Gunner is such a pretty dog! We have a yellow lab (Sam) and he sheds non-stop. We have a furminator too, but he still sheds. My husband always jokes we could make a second dog with what comes off Sam. Your painting is awesome.

  8. Oh my word. Isn't it straight insanity how much hair the Furminator will pull off our fur children? I cannot believe they aren't bald by the end of it. I mean...I could go for HOURS and still keep growing our pile of hair. Haha.

    I LOVE that silhouette of your pup! Such a great idea!

  9. My Gracie has short fur but sheds like CRAZY!!! I think it is the pug in her. I need to look in to a good brush. And my dogs eat better than I do too. They have been grain free for years. #highmaintenance

  10. Your painting is great! Do you paint on the regular, or is this just a special project?

  11. LOVE the painting, so awesome! We need that furminator for Rocky, he sheds like CRAZY!