May 8, 2015

5 Things that Made me Happy {this week}

Happy Friday everyone!

Coming in late today, because well, it's Friday. And I don't do deadlines on Fridays.

This week was one of those weeks that flew by. And I dig it.

Plus there were lots of happy things this week. The world was smiling at me!

1 | Two of my local girlfriends and I purchased our tickets to New Orleans for the Bachelorette/Birthday extravaganza to happen in June for one of my sorority sisters. I cannot FREAKING wait! I have never been to NOLA nor to an all girls trip or destination bachelorette. It's going to be one crazy long weekend with hopefully some history/ghost tours thrown in.

2 | Just as the high from buying our airline tickets was wearing off I had my doctor's visit this week to get a mole removed. The procedure was no big deal - although it was a lot larger chunk removed than I thought - but I was not prepared to have to pay out of pocket for the "surgery". Adding another almost $500 to the $500 I had spent on plane tickets had me doubled over in anxiety over money. The Dr. let me do a payment plan and I walked out the door not knowing how I could possibly pay it all off in the next two months. Two hours later my phone rang. After realizing I was paying out of pocket the doctor decided to give me a discount for the procedure. Cutting the price more than in half!!!!!! BEST NEWS EVER!!!

But wait it gets better.

3 | After a wave of relief from the medical bill discount I received another exciting message from one of my girlfriends. Our flight costs had gone down. If I called Southwest within our 24 hour window I could get that money refunded. Two excruciating calls later and I had almost $100 savings back from our flights!

I should probably buy a lottery ticket.
4 | Last night I decided to tell the BF about my disappointment with the royal family stealing my baby name, and he assured me he would never let me name our daughter Charlotte anyway. Then he demanded to know my favorite boy name. I told him no - because I couldn't handle another shut down. After tons a little convincing, I told him the boy name. AND HE LIKED IT. Seriously, what is the world coming to? We never agree on anything.

5 | Right now I'm sipping down the first Sonic Diet Cherry Limeade of the season. It makes me happy.
Sunshine and fruity drinks - let's get on with the weekend!
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  1. Cheers to the frickin' weekend, even if it's a non-alcoholic drink, it's still the weekend! I'm so glad your mole-ectomy went well and that you are all about the money luck right now. Seriously, you HAVE to buy a lottery ticket, like now.

  2. I'm totally crashing your NOLA trip - I want to go there SOOOO bad! I can't believe the Dr cut you a deal - I didn't think that ever happened. I'd be buying a lottery ticket for sure!

    Charlotte is one of my favourite names too - now everyone is going to be naming their baby girls that :(

    It's a reallly, really good thing the closest Sonic is almost 2 hours away from me because I would be totally ditching the Whole 30 and running to Sonic asap if there were one in my town

  3. Holy cow! That is amazing news. I would totally go out and buy a lottery ticket. Isn't it amazing when things like that work out?

    And I totally feel you on the baby name thing. I've loved Charlotte for a really long time... when they announced the name I just hung my head. At least our boy name is still untainted... and my husband and I both agree on it--score!

  4. ooohhh my god that cherry limeade just made my mouth water.. I neeeeeed it

  5. Oh Sonic Limeade... get in my belly!!! And I do love the name Charlotte for a baby girl!