May 6, 2015

#HASHTAGHUMPDAY | The first one of May

You guys it's May already. MAY. Where the heck did the first four months of the year go?

I'm not complaining, I love me some May, but I'm baffled at how fast this year has flown by.

Before we get on to the goods, go check out my gal pal and co-host in crime, Lauren at Genuinely Lauren. Give her a little love and a high five while you're there.

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

 First a little business. Here’s the scoop:
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Ok, let's get started #beforeweallloseinterest

I'm kind of pissed Kate Middleton stole my baby name. No really, Charlotte has been at the top of my list for years, as a unique not often used name, and now EVERYONE is going to name their girls that #damnyoukatemiddleton #charlottewasmine

Remember that mole I whined about getting cut off? It's coming off tomorrow #yourwelcome #byebyeprecancerouscells. Is it weird that I kind of hope I get stitches? I've never had stitches #andIthinktheyarebadass

I really miss when Cinco de Mayo was Cinco de Drinko in my world. Back when it was cool to rage for a holiday that doesn't resonate at all with white Americans, but was a good reason to eat tacos and drink too many margaritas. I miss when weeknight parties were acceptable #canIbe21again? #bringmeamargarita

I was all gung-ho to do another month of Instagram challenge prompts after Helene's (which I got featured on not once but TWICE) and was excited for The Daily Tay's May one. Yet I haven't done one single post for it. I guess I'm burnt out. Slash slacking at Insta completely these days. I just am not dealing with it well #sooverit #butillbouncebacksoon

I totally buy clothes at Walmart and I'm not ashamed of it. Because when I saw this hot pink, V-necked beauty covered in pineapples I had to have it. The under $5 thing was just a perk #Imsocheap #dontcare #walmartforthewin

What are you fessing up to this week? Link up or shut up. Just kidding - leave me a message after the tone link up. I'll love you forever #onlykindofkidding


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  1. I buy clothes at Wal-Mart, too. No shame. I like a lot of their dresses.

  2. I buy most of my workout clothes at walmart. They are stupid cheap, it only makes sense.
    My office actually had a cinco de mayo celebration, complete with a margarita machine and I wasn't able to be there and I was all the sads because DRINKING AT WORK???? Sign me up!
    Stitches make butthole scars, just keep that in mind, lol.

  3. I buy clothes anywhere I can afford them. Cute top! I had three beers last night at home on my couch. Lame.

  4. Um yes to clothes at Walmart! I don't find a lot of things there because a lot of their stuff fits me weird, but I have been known to buy some cute, cheap shirts and tanks there! I was totally eyeing some workout shorts there the other day too! Love that shirt!!

  5. You crack me up! "MINE" made me laugh out loud. Hahah! One of my good friends name her daughter Charlotte back in October and now she's worried also it'll be the top name of 2015-2016, but I told her she's ahead of the game! Ha! I love that tee you scored at Walmart!!!

  6. I'm terrible at Instagram challenges. I even slacked on the one I co-hosted.

    I know a couple of people who've named their daughters Charlotte and now they're all crazy proud because of the royal baby. I think you should still go for it.

  7. Ah! Love that pineapple shirt! I may have to see if my Walmart has it.

  8. OMG I need that pineapple shirt for my mom. She has pineapples and cows everywhere, so I always buy anything cow/pineapple and save it for the next gift giving occasion.

    I'm usually terrible at any challenge, including ones I start (hello LipStock Challenge) so you are definitely not alone.

  9. I had tacos last night, so that counts as celebrating right?! Also, I buy pretty much everything from Wally World, with no shame. Their workout clothes are too legit... and since nobody else buys clothes form there, I can wait for things to go on massive clearance and get them even cheaper!

  10. I've never been a fight the crowds to go out on that one night kind of girl. We are having Mexican food tomorrow and that is good enough for me :) Might have to go with your back-up name now. Charlotte will certainly be a popular one.

  11. I bought the cutest bathing suit cover-up at Walmart! I'm always surprised but they do have some cute clothes. Just be wary with the dryer, since much of their stuff is 100% cotton & not pre-shrunk.

    -first time linking up btw :)

  12. shut the front door. that shirt came from wally world?! I LOVE IT!

  13. I am a little upset over Charlotte too. I've always loved British culture and had it up on my list too because I love love love abbreviating it into the nickname Lottie. But now everyone will either have the name Charlotte or think I named mine after the Princess. I guess it's kind of cool that it directly ties into Brit culture but like you I enjoyed that it was unique. Hopefully they don't have another girl and name her my other favorite name.

  14. Love the pineapple shirt! Walmart has great work out clothes too!

  15. I am with you on the Walmart bandwagon! I just bought two pairs of shorts there the other day and spent less than $12. I do not care that I am cheap there are some shorts and I will wear them all summer! If I would've seen the pineapple sure I would've known that to you as my nickname in high school was pineapple queen of the Midwest. I was the only Hawaiian girl with a million mile radius I think

  16. I drank 2 bud light limes this Cinco de Mayo. Something is wrong.