April 22, 2015


Happy Humpday friends! We finally made it. Still, can it be Friday yet? This week has not been my week. Thank goodness we're half way through!

Before we start, go over and give some love to my hashtag partner in crime Lauren. It's her birthday week!!!
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Ok, let's see what's worth confessing this week...

Did you see that The Daily Tay had a confessions post where she asked readers to comment with their most embarrassing story? So I wrote up this long, horrifying story in the comments and hit publish thinking it would show up under "Anonymous" like all of the other comments. Well turns out you have to SELECT to post anonymously. So there it was, under MY NAME for the whole world to see. I've never deleted something so quickly #ohshitthatwasclose

Remember that trip to the dermatologist I shared a while back? Remember how I was supposed to get a mole removed? Well I still haven't called to make an appointment. The BF keeps reminding me. Still, I just can't say I'm in a big hurry to have something CUT off of my body #thanksbutnothanks

I purged an entire black garbage bag worth of clothes out of my closet last week and it felt really good. Yet they are still in my trunk, so maybe I'm not quite ready to let them go #hoarderstatus #istillneedthem #whatifichangemymindaboutsomething?

This last weekend was great but it made me feel very, very old and lame. Moscow and college was the place I was the craziest version of myself and where the alcohol flowed freely. I had a total of 2 beers all weekend and was home (hotel) in bed by 10:30 each night #oldladystatus #cantpartyanymore #soupsetting

I have extremely strange snacking habits. My current favorite is a bread and butter pickle slice wrapped around a cheese stick #noimnotpregnant, but I also like to use cottage cheese as dip for tortilla chips. In fact I have a whole draft post on things to do with cottage cheese. Yeah I'm that girl. #imightbeobsessed #allthecheese #cottagecheesefordays #pickles #thatswhatsup

And that's about all the randomness I have for you today.


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  1. haha... I'm a cheese girl myself... the only reason why I'm not vegan.
    Get that mole taken off girl! It's not bad... the shot to numb is the worst part & its just like a bee sting. You'll feel better having it gone.

  2. Hahaha I love that you have a post in the works all about cheese. Cheese is everything, I don't care if I'm lactose intolerant, give me all the cheese. I so understand about putting off the mole removal, I'm pretty much that way about any kind of doctor's visit #hateit

  3. I agree with Rebecca Jo, just go get the mole removed! I swear it's not too bad.

  4. I had a freckle, not even a MOLE, removed because the doc was all, well that's suspicious (it wasn't really).. and now I have this very not sexy scar that looks like a butthole on the back of my arm from the way it was stitched/closed up.
    After I purged my closet, I was relieved... and the only reason the bags stayed in the car was because I was too lazy to stop by the drop off place on my way home from work (which really isn't out of the way at all).. So at least you have a reason, I'm just lazy.

  5. Ok - so I love cheese - all cheese - not cottage though - hate hate hate #killitwithfiretypeofhate

    And - I would have died if it showed up under MY name! ACK!

  6. Love these confessions! I also love bread and butter pickle chips with cheese! i eat them every day! And I am the worst at making dr's appts. that I don't really want to got to. I kept the bags from my last closet clean out for two months and i kept taking clothes back out of them until I finally made myself go to goodwill last weekend. Happy Wed!

  7. Hahah! I definitely saw that you commented and removed it!!!

  8. I'm curious as to what your actual pregnant status snacks will be! You could win and award for creative snacks ideas. But mmm cheese. When someone says they don't like cheese I have to side eye them a bit and wonder if we can actually be friends. Or if they're secretly evil because how can you not like cheese?

  9. I laughed at this post so much... the Liz Lemon night cheese gif gets me every time! And I saw where you deleted your post on Taylor's blog. I was like "WHAT DID SHE CONFESS?!" I am so intrigued, girlfriend.

  10. Send that bag of clothes to Thredup! It's so easy..I got pretty nice chunk of change with the last bag I sent in.

  11. Girl you are too much and I love it. I do just about all of these including: carry around a bag of stuff to donate/sell, eat weird combos, and take forever to make appointments (even if it's just calling my uncle to install a garbage disposal).

    Also, you GIFs are always on point.

  12. You stop it right now with that bread and butter pickle and cheese. That's my jam!! I also love cottage cheese and pickles. YUMMMMMM.....

  13. Ohhh I love bread and butter pickles!!! And when I was younger, my mom used to make noodles with cottage cheese. That was the whole recipe...spiral noddles with cottage cheese. Boom. Haha!

    I had a really hard time cleaning out my closet last time because I forced myself to take everything out that didn't fit or I hadn't worn in a really long time. Which was about 2/3 of my wardrobe. While I didn't get "rid" of it all.....it isn't hanging up in there and I cant say that I miss it. Baby steps!

  14. I want to see the cottage cheese post! I LOVE using it as a dip for chips! So good!

  15. I read through most of the comments on Taylor's post and I saw that you had commented and then removed so then I was like "WHICH ONE IS LAURA'S" hahaha.

    I'm not a big fan of cheese (I'm weird, I know) but I LOVE cottage cheese with a ton of black pepper on it. Mmmmmm