June 26, 2015

5 Things I learned about NOLA first hand

Oh heeeeyyy....

Sorry I took over a week's break from this little place. First there was NOLA then there was.... recovering from NOLA. In sleep, detoxing, and mostly trying to get caught up at work and life.

It made it really hard to blog. Even though I've been dying to share it all with you!

Before I do a full recap - I promise, someday it will surface - I'm going to do a little teaser post about some of the things I learned about New Orleans first hand. Things I may have heard, but didn't whole heartedly believe, or things I was completely unaware of.

So here you are. 5 things I learned on my crazy, amazing, long, exhausting weekend in New Orleans:

1 | It doesn't smell very good. Ok let me rephrase, it STINKS. Apparently there are some sewage issues due to the age of the city, flooding, etc., which isn't helped by the mass amounts of drunk people who also leave their stink. I thought I'd get used to it....but you don't.

So we had to drink to forget the smell

2 | Hot and humid is an understatement. Be prepared to sweat through every pair of panties you brought and then some.Or maybe just don't go in the summer?

3 | All of the cemeteries are above ground. I thought that was just a cool historical thing about the area but it's actually because they CAN'T bury bodies due to how high the water table is there - since NOLA is pretty much below sea level.

4 | It's the other city that never sleeps. Vegas has nothing on it. I feel like I should have realized this the first night in town when we didn't go to bed till 4:30, but it really didn't hit me till Sunday morning as we walked back to the hotel as the sun came up. Oooops! I promise I meant to sleep.

5 | It's the most fun you'll ever have. Seriously I had the time of my life! Although I don't feel the need to go back any time soon - it really knocked me on my ass - it was more fun than I could have ever imagined, hot, sticky, crazy and all!

I hope to be back to my more normal blogging schedule next week. I'm diving head first into busy season at work though, so no promises.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Other than the smell (I had never heard of that before now!) this just solidified that I need to make it to NOLA asap. I've been wanting to go for forever but then I end up comparing the cost to visit NOLA vs the cost to visit Vegas and Vegas always wins. Can't wait for the full recap!

  2. Yes... I will never forget the smell. Been to Mardi Gras twice and it's nasty when you are trekking back to your hotel at sunrise through the urinal that is NOLA haha. But... it is an amazing place and I would go again in a heartbeat!

  3. I had never heard that NOLA smells bad. Interesting. Other than that fact (and probably the humidity) reading through what you learned made me really want to visit NOLA because it just seems unique and interesting. Excited to see how I feel after the full recap! Glad you had a fun time!

  4. Yes! I didn't really notice the smell too bad while I was there but probably because it wasn't in the dead of summer where everything smells worse haha

  5. Glad you had an awesome time, looking forward to your recap! Have a great weekend girl!

  6. Great gif! I look forward to the full recap(s)!