August 19, 2015

#HASHTAGHUMPDAY | Miscellaneous Musings

So here we are again at hump day! Yeehaw and hallelujah!

I mean really, I know we all wish it was Friday but I'll take what I can get.

Plus tomorrow is my Friday so ha! 

Before I get on to my extremely random ramblings this week, make sure you go say hi to my co-host and partner in crime Lauren @ Genuinely Lauren. Did you go? Good. Welcome back.

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Sooooo fair warning I have nothing pressing on my mind so this is going to be all over the place...

Remember that spending freeze I was trying to have this month? Well I've pretty much done the opposite. After my makeup purchase I mentioned last week, I also had a Target run, shopped with Whitney while she was here this weekend and dropped some serious cash on a few Groupons since they were having an extra 20% off. In fact I overdrafted from checking. Seriously I have a problem and it needs to stop #butineededitall #theworldgetsbetterwhenishop #shoesalwaysfit

So one of those Groupons had to do with a beauty related service. It's something I've really wanted to try but haven't been willing to shovel over the cash for. I might have snuck in for an appointment on Friday even. I can't wait to share with you #butimkeepingyouinthedarkfornow #butimgoingtolookawesome #forcheap

Engagement gifts. Thoughts? A friend of mine got engaged and keeps posting perfectly posed instagram shots with them - you know the ones - with her ring showing over her new Erin Condren Wedding Planner? So it brought to mind - AM I SUPPOSED TO BUY ENGAGEMENT GIFTS TOO?! I mean think about it. I usually buy a bridal shower gift, fork over quite a bit of money to participate or travel to the bachelorette party, and buy a wedding gift. So is this another thing I need to be doing? #pleasehelp #tellmeidontneedto #whyarepeopleoverdoing #itmakesmelookbad

But on that note, if I ever get engaged, you are welcome to send me gifts #noshameinmygame

Does anyone have the Nexplanon birth control implant? I'm contemplating getting one. My nurse practitioner doesn't really think it's the best option but two of my girlfriends have it and love it. I was just looking for some additional feed back. If you don't know what that is - it's an insert that goes in your arm and lasts for 3 years. Way less scary to me than the Mirena thing that goes up your whoohaw #tmi #butineedyourthoughts #nobabiesformeplease

Do you like football? (YOUR ANSWER BETTER BE YES). Then you should join the Fantasy League that Lindsay and Rebekah are hosting! You guys it's called Sacks in the City I mean how #punny is that? Also, if you don't know much about football, no biggie! My first year of Fantasy Football I didn't either and that's when I really found a love for watching pro games. I mean it's so much more fun if you have lots of different players to cheer for! I get downright obsessive. Anyways, you should join #orelse #doit #virtualfootballpartieseveryweekend #girlsonly

I feel like this was more questions than confessions. But I'm ok with that. Happy half way through the hell that is the work week day friends!


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  1. I really don't feel like an engagement gift should be a requirement! I mean you could send a greeting card or something saying Congrats if you want to just acknowledge it, but I don't see why you would need to buy a gift.

  2. My roommate has the implant and she really likes it! On that note, I have the Mirena IUD and also love it. The insertion is different for everyone, mine wasn't that bad but others have said it was...uncomfortable. Ultimately I'm a fan of the long-term options! They've worked well for me and everyone I know with them.

  3. No on the engagement gifts. I feel you on the spending and over drafting. I have like $50 till Friday. I have the Mirena and love it, no issues at all. I vote long term is best too, one less thing to worry about!!

  4. I don't support engagement gifts unless you're like the maid of honor. Then sometimes it's nice. Not a fan of engagement parties either.

    I was slowing my roll on shopping too...then spent a billion dollars today. LOL

  5. We didn't get a single engagement gift! #i'mnotbitter Just kidding, I literally never thought about them until reading this post. So I definitely do not think they're a requirement! That birth control gif cracked me up. Is that from Amy Schumer's show? I still haven't watched it, and I really need to!

  6. Ok, so engagement gifts....I would say no. But if this is a pretty close friend of yours...or one you see fairly often...maybe grab a bridal magazine and a $5 gift card to Starbucks so she can gush over all the pictures while she sips her coffee? I usually do grab one of those mags for my closer engaged friends because who doesn't want to look at them???

    Birth control implants scare the shit out of me, I wont lie! I feel like we dont know the full side effects and long term effects of them? But that is just me. I am so ready for football season!!! I dont understand fantasy leagues though?! It is so confusing to me!!!!!

  7. It annoys me when people are fascinated with rings (instead of, you know, the entire marriage that will spent with a PERSON). I have seen some of those shots that "just happen to" show someone's ring against their Starbucks drink or whatever. Ugh.

    I considered Nexplanon, but I read that you must "check that it was inserted". Huh? How does a doctor not know if a little object went into my arm or not? Would he/she not see it on the floor, or somewhere?


  9. Samantha ( has the arm implant, she has a blog post about it. Definitely ask her!
    Engagement gifts only if they have an engagement party. Or they're like, your best friend in the world. Otherwise no, you're already going to fork over for bridal shower, bachelorette party, and wedding. That's enough!