August 25, 2015

My Whole (ish) 30 Week 3

This is part of my Whole30 recap I'm doing every Tuesday! Week 1 here and Week 2 here.

I want this to be fairly transparent to you. All the successes, all the failures, and my sincere feelings and thoughts. If your looking for what I ate - scroll to the bottom!

Ok so after last week it's very obvious I can't really claim this a "Whole30" because life events have included two very indulgent weekends at this point. This week  I'm just giving you the week day stuff because for the bachelorette party this weekend - well - it was ugly. Delicious and amazing but oh so bad for me.

And that's ok.

Because you only have so many good friends and so many weekend cabin bachelorette trips. And limiting myself that weekend would have not only not been fun for me, but also would have annoyed everyone there.

I had a blast. I don't regret it.

And now I'm back on track starting my week 4, sort of. I plan on doing the next 2 weeks completely Whole30 compliant even though that would technically be like 35 days or something. I figure two really good weeks can help balance all the fun that was had these last two weekends at least.

Before this weekend I was feeling amazing. I was full longer, less snacking, and just felt good. I played two nights of volleyball and made it to the gym. I felt like I was on the right track and did not feel deprived or limited at all.

Also I had a couple compliments this weekend from my girlfriends who could tell I had made a change and said I was looking great! Always a good feeling hearing it from them, and in a swimsuit no less!

Salty, crunchy. As in potato chips or popcorn. I think I might need to make kale chips or something.

  •  Cauliflower fried rice with paleo bacon! Yum!
  • A good batch of homemade mayo and more ranch.
  • 3 super active nights this week!


If you're wanting the down and dirty here's what all I ate!

What I ate:

  • Breakfast  - 2 fried eggs over  leftover sweet potato crust pizza and spinach (cheese picked off)
  • Lunch - leftover pizza from the weekend
  • Snack - chicken salad lettuce wraps 
  • Dinner - leftover sweet potato crust pizza (cheese picked off)

  • Breakfast  - chicken salad scrambled eggs
  • Lunch - spinach salad with prociutto, figs, onions and balsamic
  • Snack - dried mangos from Trader Joes and fresh cut watermelon
  • Dinner - chicken sausage sauteed with sweet potatoes, peppers and onions

  • Breakfast  - leftover dinner topped with a fried egg.
  • Lunch - taco salad with leftover carne asada, sweet potatoe, avocado and homemade salsa
  • Snack - watermelon
  • Dinner -  cauliflower pork fried rice with crockpot pineapple chicken

  • Breakfast  - leftover Tuesday dinner (sausage and veggies) topped with a fried egg
  • Lunch - leftover cauliflower pork fried rice with crockpot pineapple chicken
  • Snack - 2 pickle spears wrapped with Whole30 compliant deli turkey
  • Dinner - Chick-Fil-A market fresh salad, no cheese with oil and apple cider vinegar

  • Breakfast  - fried egg over leftover cauliflower pork fried rice with crockpot pineapple chicken

Weekend Trip!!!!!!!!

  • lots and lots of water
  • lots and lots of iced tea (unsweetened and natural with fruit flavor)
  • La Croix!! 
Next week I should have a clean, no cheats, recap for you! I'm so excited to really stay on top of it this week and all weekend. Hopefully I'll have some new recipes to share with you too!


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  1. You look great and tempting me to try it! Also--don't you love La Croix?! I've not ran across the peach pear but I bet it's yummy.

  2. Looking good lady!!! Your weeks sound like mine...super clean and healthy during the week and then fun on the weekend. I haven't tried the pear peach La Croix. Is is super pear-y or is the peach stronger? I like the cherry lime the best so far.

  3. Le Croix is amazing, have you tried the Dasani brand? It's a lot cheaper than Le Croix and Whole30 approved.

    Glad you are feeling good, crazy what food can do to our body!

  4. I literally just died. Laughed out loud like 5 legit times. You're the greatest. Love you, boo! ❤️